Walter here! During a visit to Facebook I received a notification from the Official Indie Music Bus Facebook group. It was a new music preview opportunity from Letters of Transit! They sent me the song “A Decade In“. I gave it a quick listen and was immediately impressed!

Letter of Transit – Theme and Variation with be available everywhere on August 29, 2019!

Music Review

Letters of Transit

A Decade In” from “Theme and Variation

Music Review: A Decade In - Theme and VariationDear readers, Darlene here, to remind you not to judge a book by its cover.  “A Decade In,” is the latest song title by “Letters of Transit” and I urge you to steam open this envelope and listen, because, truly, a lot of energy will unfold.  I felt this song has an alternative-rock sound with a touch of grunge and a pinch of punk.  Love that bass guitar and bass drum together.   Lead guitars and vocals, un huh, like sunshine and pain.  The best way to describe this band is to imagine the entire genre of ALT+ Any Rock+Grunge as one style.  I didn’t notice a “punk” influence, but Walt said it’s there.  It’s technical.   Now imagine “Letters of Transit” on the air play list any time in the last decade. I could seriously believe it.

The first song I’ve ever heard by “Letter of Transit” is released, August 2019, titled “A Decade In.”  Walter has a preview of the release, so I heard the song before I knew anything about the band or the song.  I knew I was listening to an independent band.  That’s all Walt told me when he asked me to listen.  It punched me, in a good way.  Walter had given me a blind taste-test, and I failed, over and over. I just couldn’t put my finger on which mainstream this band and song resembled most in order to describe it to anyone else.  I was at a loss as to which genre this particular song conformed to, not even if it matched an old band or a new band.  I put it in the “Good stuff!” box.   This is what makes independent music so enjoyable.  It reminds me of home, but it’s not.

A decade spanning “27 feels like yesterday” to “37 feels so far away” to contemplate life.  How the past life was spent and what’s to come.  Give up or keep trying appears to be the tune’s theme.  Yes, we all actually have this choice in life and a time when we wish it would end or get better soonest.  This 10 year span is the most productive time in a human’s life.  It’s that age where actions beget consequences and we will either try to regain control over our lives by correcting our course towards happy adulthood, die trying, or just die.  We all know what happens when we give up.  To keep living we do our best to suck it up, like beat-up buttercups, and keep going anyway.  Redemption and relief is found when we have someone to share in the struggle.

When I check out a book for its story and it intrigues me, I’ll buy the book and keep reading it, then share it with my friends. No difference here.  I listened to the rest of their tracks and read the bio’s. Fun Fact Of My Own Invention:  The title of the band felt wrong to my grammatical OCD personality, but take it apart and it would translate into the act of moving (a passage; movement) people or goods (musical notes and letter- notes are also passages) from one place to another (concerts, streaming, sharing) in a vehicle (the performers and attendees).  Music is composed using lyrics and notes, which are also passages.  Therefore, the band conveys the music to the people which makes the music transit.  Close enough of an definition for me to find meaning  😛 .  I really like their songs, love the music.  All my friends will too.

Letters of Transit Bio

Energized rock & roll with punk-inspired riffs and catchy lyrics, Letters of Transit will grab your attention with the first note and not let go until the very last chord rings out. We love playing live for people, but more importantly, we love hanging out and having drinks with the fans before and after our shows.

Letters of Transit formed in 2016 by a smartly placed Craigslist ad and consists of Jack Storey (vox/guitar), JC Young (lead guitar), Donny Phillips (bass), and Aaron Spencer (drums). We all come from extremely different musical backgrounds and each have years of stage experience. Together, we create music that is edgy and engaging.

All original rock band out of Columbus, OH
Jack Storey – Vox/Guitar
JC Young – Guitar
Donny Phillips – Bass
Aaron Spencer – Drums

Music by Letters of Transit

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