Your Music – Our Video

We have found our winner Jayber.C

IMB Promo Video FrameThe plan is to have a 30 second video made that will contain the information below. We will not be using the video for commercial use. It will be our Official Free Services Promotion video for life! In other words, it will be used on our website and in some social media posts that promote our free services only.

The Video

The video will contain the information below with graphics of some kind. There will be a “Music by: Artist Name –” label displayed at the bottom for the entirety of the video. Sort of like in the example image to the right.


The video will present the text below!

The Indie Music Bus™ represents great music not supported by a major label!

  • Independent Music Sharing
  • Indie Newsletters
  • Internet Radio and Blogger Directories
  • Exclusive Industry and Artist Interviews
  • DIY Gig and Social Media Tips
  • Worthy Opportunities


The Music – Non-Exclusive

We are looking for 30 seconds of music with-out lyrics (Instrumental) that is bright, upbeat, uplifting and inviting with a hook near the end.  You will retain full rights to the music and can use it any other way you see fit. No royalties will be paid and the video ad will never be used for monetizing anything. We are willing to offer a small one time reward if the winning artist could really use the money. It will be a lifetime of free exposure for one of you though!



Congratulations to Jayber.C