Major Moment: The Flood @majormomentband

The Flood – The Song Everyone Needs to Hear

The Flood Cover Art

Credit: Victor Maristane

Another moment in time brought to you by a major band. Major Moment has an award winning history of quality musical compositions and performances. IMB *(we) reviewed Major Moment’s Living Your Life Like This in 2019. Their integrity continues into “The Flood” as they sing for us all to change humanity for the good of all people of the world. The wonderment of poems and lyrics are their ability to instill much feeling using few words. Major Moment is a master constructor. Inequality has been a part of humanity since the beginning of time. Major Moment reminds us that times haven’t changed, the time is now, and time is running out. The band’s name inherently reflects their mission to educate the wrongs of this world in the current society through song and music.


Listen up! The Flood lyrics describe the breaking down of society due to greed and hate, in a world where some people have no regard for the value of a human life. Those standing up for change far too often get beaten down, and that’s just the first stanza. The piece distinctly describes all cultures as perceiving themselves to be the ones to inherit the earth. It also describes the feelings of despair in the world, in this moment, felt by all, and wonders why we can’t all just get along. This flood could be the pending disastrous results of our actions if we maintain our current course or how the next generation perpetuating the baser human instincts would drown humanity.   Being civilized is all about fighting our bad attitudes. We all feel helpless, frustrated, and powerless to control the events that are driving us all to madness. I recommend turning off the news and turning up the volume for Major Moment. Talk about The Flood among yourselves because discussion is necessary to bring about change.

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