Major Changes

Indie Music Bus Logo Gray Major ChangesAs of 5/31/2018 those that were Riding Indie Music Bus Officially that have not subscribed to our artist newsletter, are no longer on the roster.

Why major changes? It’s time to make Indie Music Bus more than just a learning, music sharing and interview platform. It’s time to work with a much smaller roster of artists who can reciprocate and support us and others. Of course DIY tips and interviews will stay on but new service types will have to be developed. These new service types will make Indie Music Bus more useful on a daily/weekly basis.

Addition: 5/24/18

One of the difficulties I have is getting in touch with artists, most don’t sign on to the mailing lists. This will be required for free promotion in the future.

As far as the artists promotion roster and how I decide which acts stay on, I am unsure. But I have listed some of the obvious things I could use as factors. These may change before I actually implement the new rules.

Some factors for determining the new roster:

  • Subscribers to our artist newsletter or blog updates – Most Important
  • Active Twitter Time Lines
  • Non-Spammy behavior on Twitter
  • Last New Music Cycle
  • Interviews via Indie Music Bus or Indie Music Monday
  • Social Interactions with us

I would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions or comments! If you would like to touch base with me about this, do so via the contact form provided below! Comments are also active near the bottom of the page.


Twitter API

Due to major changes in Twitter’s API, we are no longer able to offer any of the automated features affordably.

Removed automated features:

  • Following music related Twitter Accounts
  • Retweeting Tour, Shows, Interviews and New music releases
  • New music share detection
  • Music request bot – which I just spent so much time on  🙁

Twitter made their streaming model, Enterprise and Premium based features now. That service used to be free and what the Indie Indie Music Bus Engine™ was using to perform the above.

What Now

Next week I will begin to work on this and document things in greater detail and then share that with you all.


Walter Hargrave

Indie Music Bus