Little Empire Nightfall (Live @ El Rey Theatre)

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‘On April 14 2017, Little Empire played El Rey Theatre on Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles. Constructed in 1936, at the heart the Miracle Mile, the Art Deco former movie theatre was lit up, not by the stars of the Silver Screen, but by LA’s own Pop Rock quartet. Along with their usual set of well drilled delights, the band debuted a new song, Nightfall. And Deep End Visuals were on hand, to capture its first live performance.

There must be something that you need’, Lily Lewis teases, her voice a perfect blend of bitter/sweet sugarpop, and soulful rock. Lead guitarist, Dash Kackert stabs, tight, funk rock chord distortion. And Little Empire jump into life. ‘Maybe that something is me?’, freed from her usual station, behind her beloved Nord Keyboard, Lily dances and skips about the stage, enticing the crowd, drawing them into the song.

‘Come on baby, kiss me when the night falls’, the chorus bounces out across the audience, and in turn, they bounce with it. Dash and Bass guitarist, Jeremy Bauer support with backing vocals; whilst they, and drummer, Chet Nordskog, push the chorus on, in well timed leaps and bounds. New song or not, Little Empire are on it tonight.

‘Oh do you, do you, really want me?’ Between their duties on backing vocals, Dash and Jeremy move back and forth, the depth and width of the stage, enjoying the music every bit as much as the crowd. Chet skillfully works the kick , building the momentum in waves. Once released the kick rolls in, a rising tide of lows. Lily’s voice lifts, and Little Empire drop silence on the beat.

Come on baby, kiss me when the night falls‘, the final chorus breaks, tight and easy. But only of years of hard work and practice, make it feel that easy. As the song climbs to is final lines, Lily delights the crowd with an array vocal variations. Dash and Jeremy dutifully support her with backing vocals. Chet powers the drums home. And Little Empire stop as one.

Come on baby, kiss me when the night falls, you’ll never make it, if you miss the nightfall.

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