This offer has been awarded, thanks to you all!

Songwriting is obviously a specialized art or we would all be doing it right? It is our hope that a couple songwriting articles will help others become better songwriters. For next couple weeks this offer, we are in search of a couple writers. The article should be 500-750 words to be useful we would think but there’s no limit.  Because having a WordPress account will automatically integrate you as an author here, that’s a plus.

From now until 21 June 2020, this offer will be open and then we will choose a couple of applicants. Being this is a paid gig, we can discuss the exclusivity of the article.

You will be listed as the author and your Twitter handle included on the post if you’re on Twitter.

Using the form below, let us know your songwriting history and the pay expected in US dollars. We will be in contact by email once the applicants have been chosen. If you have questions, you can ask them in the message below.