Cover of Jackie Lipson single "Someday"“I wrote it when I was at a precipice in my career and my desire to pursue music seriously,” says pop singer-songwriter Jackie Lipson of her dark-and-danceable new single, “Someday.”

Intended as an “honest love letter to herself,” the song tackles self-blame. While it was inspired by a break-up, Lipson notes that it also speaks to the ups and downs of an indie music career.

Written with Vanessa Wheeler, the song veers from the traditional empowerment anthem by accepting change isn’t one easy leap.
“We both were familiar with the feeling of being stuck, of making the ‘wrong’ choices,” Lipson explains. “The love letter also speaks to my career and giving myself the freedom to make mistakes along the way.”

Finding Her Way

About three years before writing the song, Lipson had made her bold move from the East Coast to Los Angeles. Enthusiasm about the contacts she’d made from a whirlwind experience with NBC’s The Voice gave her drive, but the road was rocky. Her advice to musicians making the move west is to have patience and allow time. Even more vital is finding the right community to support your creative process. She felt isolated until she reached out to other women and queer people working in music. Focusing energy on giving back to her community gave fresh inspiration to her music. “It’s extremely important to me to be a visible representation of an openly queer, plus-sized woman in an industry that doesn’t always champion people like me,” she explains.

While feeling adrift in her solo career, Lipson found an important collaborator. Her boyfriend, music attorney Dani Oliva, introduced her to Wheeler, a singer-songwriter who fuses Brazilian guitar, electronica, and R&B elements in her solo work as VAVÁ. Both were new to co-writing. They bonded over their shared cynical sense of humor, “being true Leos,” and feelings about being vulnerable in their art.

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The resulting song takes an aural journey from a rut of bad choices to fresh hope and energy. The bridge especially captures the experience of finding a way, as a vortex of self-questioning and dreamily hazy repetitions of “I’ll find my way, someday” are punctuated by strings plucked like cleansing cool rain. The overall feel is a modern, vulnerable, fist-pumping track that builds on the tradition of New Order and Ace of Base, with vocals reminiscent of Alison Moyet. [try it on Spotify]

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The compelling bass line on Someday comes from collaborator Francisco Ojeda. Dajaun Martineau mixed and mastered the track. Both contributed to other tracks that will appear on a full EP. To fund the EP, Lipson is launching a crowdfunding campaign on her site, offeringher own design of T-shirts, BPA-free water bottles, and cute cat stickers as fan premiums. She also urges fans to register to vote and learn their polling places with

“Someday” is a jab in the gut from familiar pain, then a pat on the back that change is possible. Lipson affirms that the message is positive. “Your life is amazing because it’s yours, and you can live it any way you want to, mistakes and all.”

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