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Introduction by Alex Storer @TheLightDreams

Light Dreams New-YorkWhen you travel around cities, their history becomes apparent once you start looking for it. Whether it is a time-weathered street sign, the faded remains of a previous shop sign, old buildings atop of modern façades or other relics and remnants from the past tucked away among the frenzy of the present day, you will always find those layers of history to peel back.

Cities also have personality – they evolve throughout the day and really change at night. They light up; glow in a multitude of colours as they come alive and their purpose shifts from business to pleasure. They are places where music is made and played.

Chiaroscuro is an album of light and shade – as the title suggests; it explores this contrast and passing of time through a series of largely urban-based instrumentals, kicking off with “Berlin Stratum” – a reflective, melancholic piece about a city with such a deep history, but also one of evolution and progression. “Silver Screen” takes us back to the 1940s or 50s and the nostalgia of the golden age of cinema; romance in monochrome.

Videos for these two tracks can be seen here:

Throughout Chiaroscuro, the music varies from beat-driven electronica and post-rock, to more ambient and abstract explorations. It is a journey through time and a journey into the night, culminating in “Nightowls“, where after wandering the empty streets, it feels like you have walked straight into a Hopper painting as art and music become one.

Chiaroscuro is my most accomplished album to date and certainly one I am very proud of, and pleased to share with you.

The Light Dreams

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