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MelotikaShining with authenticity and musical prowess, Mel Yelle, better known as her stage name Melotika, is an Alternative Electro Pop artist based in Toronto, Canada. Born and raised in Montreal, Singer/Songwriter Melotika fuses rich and smoky vocals over sultry electro beats. Her projects blend alternative sounds with what she calls “smart pop” crafting infectious, dance-able tunes. Each song stays with you because of their rapid spit fire musical style coupled with assured lyrics.

Growing up in the suburbs of Montreal, Melotika from the start has gone through the struggles that can often plague a young creative mind. After years of headbanging at festivals and dancing in night clubs, Melotika dropped out of University and began a music production program in 2014. Headstrong after receiving criticism from former peers and some family members, Melotika completed the trade and experimented with Sound Design. She then moved to the big city of Toronto to further discover herself and create her brand new music persona.

Melotika made her first musical appearance on Toronto’s Hip Hop artist Krosst Out’s single “I Don’t Care ft. Melotika” that was in early 2017. After recording demos throughout 2016 and 2017 “Downtown Summer ft. Krosst Out,” “Unaware,” and networking with producers and musicians, Melotika released her very first single “Unaware Part II (Blindside)” in 2018 followed by the debut EP “Unaware.” The debut EP is about being different, and remaining true to oneself while portraying the message that we are all losing our individuality if we continue to follow ‘social norms’ and listen to what others ‘tell you to do’. Mel is taking back her life, and doesn’t want anything to do with what is ordinary. Throughout the debut EP, quirky moments are noticeable along with stunning electroacoustic compositions produced and designed by Melotika. Toronto artist Jackman Jones assisted in producing the music for the debut EP.

She does not shy away from speaking her mind about personal topics. “Don’t Believe (You Speak)” touches on breaking free from abuse. “Bittersweet Reality,” is a tune off her debut EP featuring cool synths set to a hypnotic dance-wave beat. Mel’s vocals have a sense of bitter resignation as she sings about the conflict between our reality and the self-image we project to the world.

While promoting her music and producing unconventional music videos for her tracks, Melotika has been doing a number of live shows in the past four years in the city of Toronto, throughout Canada’s East Coast, Montreal, Ottawa, and British Columbia. A remix for the single “Millionaires” done by Sean Savage has been capturing the attention of dance music lovers here in Ontario as of December 2018 and has been played on 105.9FM the Region, TMS Underground. Melotika was #8 on the Top 10 charts: Electronic Albums “Specialty Charts Early June 2018” on CFBX 92.5 FM Kamloops, BC.

After taking a short writing break and investing her time managing herself as an artist, Melotika introduced an Avant-Garde/Alternative Rock single. Stepping aside from the debut EP, Melotika’s single “Joy Ride” was released summer 2019 and it is an intense and genre-bending song. The piece produced with Toronto artist Adam Van Ameringen blends Pop Rock and Industrial Electro music. Melotika displays her powerful message through her seasoned lyricism. The overall message of “Joy Ride” is to embrace your individuality and find comfort in being different. The music video for “Joy Ride” featured Melotika painted head to toe in silver body paint. She looks like a superhero and a representation of strength and motivation. Throughout the video, Melotika dances with confidence and ease as she spreads her message of originality. The industrial setting matched perfectly with the overall gritty sound arrangement of the song.

Collaborating once more with Sean Savage, a Trip Hop rework of “Joy Ride” was released in October 2019, “Joy Ride (Savage Dream Mix)” followed by a Synth Wave remix done by an artist Melotika networked with online, Melodywhore, “Joy Ride (Slow Burn Mix).” Having no limits, Melotika continues to promote herself via social media to get her music heard. Melotika begins to have a strong social media presence and is slowly building connections and a loyal fanbase worldwide as an unsigned artist.

Her latest track was released in February 2020, “Bury The Bones.” This number is a dark, eclectic blend of Synth Pop and Alternative Rock produced by Toronto artist Sean Savage. Songwriter and producer based out of New York known as Gory Gloriana assisted in co-writing the chorus. She tells us “The brand new single ‘Bury The Bones’ is meant to be mysterious, haunting, and reveals suppressed dark emotions about an unhealthy, fictional love story. As a society, we have a weird obsession with psychopaths, murder and lust. This song is a creative take on these subjects from the perspective of an individual with an unsettling mind.” The dark and brilliant music video, written by Melotika and filmed and directed by Toronto videographer Eric Soto, brings the lyrics to life in a horror film vignette 90’s style.

Melotika returns with a deep remix of “Bury The Bones” after receiving support from Amplified Radio Network’s show The Mix Sessions and Australia’s Valley FM. Her previous single saw her picked up on many Spotify playlists, “Pop and Indie”, “Top 100 Indie Release Charts” and “City Vibes,” while being featured on blogs BuzzMusic, LeFutureWave, and more. She is back with a deep and moody remix of “Bury The Bones” that takes its influences from Liquid Drum and Bass, Garage, Breakbeat and 2 step produced by Sean Savage.

Melotika knows how to throw her own dance party. Keep up with this dirty blonde haired force with a solid musical style designed to bring the listener with her on a journey.


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