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Interview with Spaceship Days - August 2014

I’ve listened to more Spaceship Days than any other band these last few weeks. I’ve been trying to find the words to introduce them to Indie Music Bus readers which would do them justice. There’s so much to say but so much I can’t quite put my finger on. With their catchy melodies, tight arrangements, polished sound, songs that are original yet seem reassuringly familiar and the kind of high level production that most Indie artists can only dream of it’s difficult not to be impressed by them from the second you press ‘play’. This band know what they’re doing, they have an army of fans behind them and they’re going places – fast. Let’s meet the boys, eh?

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Hello, Spaceship Days! First of all – please introduce yourselves in turn so that we can get to know you. Tell us your name, your age, your role in the band, your favourite dinosaur and the best pasta shape. Go!
Adam Lee Decker, 31, Singer, Triceratops, Campanelle

Charlie Cox III - I'm the Spaceship Days middle child, not the oldest, not the youngest. I play bass. Gigantosaurus, and the bow tie ones. Farfalle.

Greg - Gregorio Ronoldo Torsone, 41, guitar/producer, those ugly fish that you know must have existed but they are now extinct.

My name is Dave Kress and I play the drums. I’ve never thought about having a favourite dinosaur, but it would have to be a pterodactyl because they can fly. I’m old enough and am not a huge fan of pasta. Sorry.

Please tell us about the name, Spaceship Days. Whose idea was that and how did it come about?
Chuck - There is...was...a band that Greg and I developed something of an obsession with called Catherine Wheel. Spaceship Days comes from a lyric in a song of theirs called Satellite. I think Naming is the hardest part about being in a band. After a string of really bad ones, it just jumped out at us.

You hail from Raleigh in North Carolina. What’s the best thing about your home town and where would we go to party if I came to visit?
Greg - Downtown restaurants/bar spots are great, local breweries. Busy Bee...or the Oxford

Adam - better yet, we're from NC's triangle region which is way more than just Raleigh. Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh have there own unique situations. If going DT Raleigh, I would recommend The Oxford and then travel up Fayetteville St and enjoy the restaurants and eclectic spots trying so hard to make you feel like your in the deep end of a big city.. They're doing a great job. Kinda. If we were to Hang in Durham for the night, we would have to start on Main Street. If you go left, there is a world of fun food and beverage. If you go right, get you dancing shoes on, because it's time to dance in the many clubs DT Durham has to offer. You want a grunge band? Check! You want to shake that booty at some hip hop? Check! Do you electro? Go get that even! And then there is Franklin St. Covered in food, fun, and the young peeps trying to catch the love wind down the road, I imagine if we started on either side, we would only get half way before we pass out. Wake Forest is nice... We could start at 4 and be done by 7:30. There is the white street brewery and Shorty's for a sloppy chili filled slip burger. Delish.

Dave - I’m from Detroit and Cleveland and have moved around a lot. I spent almost a decade living in Tucson, AZ. I loved the weather there, the mountains, and the diverse landscape. I never thought I would love a place to live in more than that state. But not only do I love NC, but I love Raleigh. Raleigh is not huge, not full of non-stop activities, but it has its charm. You’d have to stay a while to see what I’m talking about. In the mean time, I’d take you to the Fox Liquor Bar downtown on Wilmington St.

Your video for December won Video of the Year at the Carolina Music Awards. Kudos! Also, it looks like you all had massive fun. What was your favourite part of the shoot?
Adam - the shiny new hardware! The whole experience will not be forgotten. Truth be told, it was an especially action packed night for me: we had the red carpet event, and immediately following that, I ran 35 minutes back to Durham to sing the National Anthem at an MMA international tournament. After that was crushed, I jetted back to the CMA's just in time to start the show and receive our award! Instead of the after party, we had a show that night as well!

Greg - fake playing in that giant field. Lots of giggles that day.

Chuck - Thank you! It was a really good weekend. The Ruby Red part of the shoot (the indoor stuff) was particularly cool. We had 40 or 50 of our friends there as extras, and played a little set for them during a break. Good times.

Dave - Thank you! It was a lot of fun. Although working indoors, making a set come alive, and having people be part of the energy was great. My favorite part was when we shot outdoors. I got to play drums in the middle of an enormous field. I felt very detached from the rest of the world and it was a liberating experience.

Video by Spaceship Days


Adam – you did really well in both American Idol (Top 40) and America’s Got Talent (Top 10 as part of a capella rock band, The Fault Line). Would you recommend national talent shows like these to other independent musicians?
Yes - with a grain of salt. If you do well, follow the wave, don't try to manipulate it, and appreciate every second because the stakes are high. If you do it right, you will explode! And when you get spat out, things will be right back to where you came from. It really leveled me up as a performer. The mistakes I made are thought about once a year since then, and I strive in every performance to give the stage what I gave the stage in the big moments. It's great fuel, and I do recommend it- I challenge any musician who thinks they are something to try to go get it!

Chuck and Greg – you guys met at college and were both on the swim team, I believe. Who would win in a swimming race these days?
Greg - We would both be disqualified... Chuck from pulling on the lane lines, and me from stopping halfway to get a breather.

Chuck - I think the real contest should be who can get into--and then out of--a paper speedo the quickest.

Dave – you joined the band after a "chance encounter on Twitter". Please tell us more about that. Do you believe it *was* chance?
I’ve been in quite a few bands and have made lasting relationships with nearly all of my former colleagues. Before I even arrived in NC, moving from Arizona, I had already joined a band. My first gig was on the first day I came to Raleigh. Years later one of my old band mates and I were talking and I expressed to him that I was looking to join a band. He texted me a few days later after seeing Chuck’s text and forwarded me the information. He wasn’t even a big Twitter fan, so it was very random, and very lucky. Me and Chuck talked that night and then a bit further over the next few days, and that is, as they say, that. As for chance, I’m a firm believer that that persistence, tenacity, and connections are really the only way to make things happen. I leave very little to chance and only slightly believe there is such a thing as luck.

Imagine your dream “This Is Fantastic, I’m In Heaven” gig. Where are you playing and who is there?
Greg - Wembley Stadium for 250,000 people

Adam - Red Rocks amphitheater in CO. At least 10,000 people... Whatever the capacity is there. The stars are out, the moon is completely full, lighting the stage... Go get it.

Chuck - Out doors. Big sky. Somewhere far away- Australia or the Philippines or something. With 100,000 of our closest friends.

Dave - My most fantastic gig, or “dream gig” would be anywhere the world decided to take me. I would just love the chance to travel to places I’ve never been to play for people that find inspiration in what I (we) do.

What are you all usually doing 15 minutes before you go on stage?
Adam - talking about "really important" stuff, looking at "really important" pictures and documents.

Greg - Eating

Chuck - Probably on my 3rd trip to go tinkle.

Dave - I’ll only speak for myself on this one… but I’m usually making sure all my electronics are working, my gear is solid, I have enough sticks, and drinking a beer.

You’re well supported by so many loyal fans on the social media sites. If you could ask one thing of your fans and followers, what would it be?
Adam - spread the Spaceship Days cheer with at least 5 other people Greg - help us spread the word about Indie music Chuck - I'd thank them for always supporting us. I would ask them to share their favorite SD song with as many people as they could for just 1 week; then for them to get together to party with us at the result.

What (as a band) are you all looking forward to the most right now?
Adam - continual music development, and what the next album is going to sound like, which is completely up in the air.

Greg - promoting Saving The Universe and working on our next release.

Chuck - Getting together with Brittany & John Goodwin (Every New Day Pictures) to shoot a new video.

Thank you so much, Spaceship Days. One more question…. It’s my round and I’m going to the bar. What are you all drinking?
Adam - Beer- Hercules from Great Divide Brewery in Denver CO and then a shot of Jameson shall always do!

Greg - we are all beer snobs...except for Bud Light Dave... so it would be something that tasted like sticks and grass and stuff.

Chuck - Hercules or nothing. I'll have two please.

Dave - Cold, unsweetened, organic black tea from Whole Foods

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