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Interview with The Como Brothers -
August 2013

We are proud to bring you this interview with our August Band of the Month, The Como Brothers. As we have said all along and here is even more proof of how hard these brothers are working towards being successful in the music business. This will be our second interview with The Como Brothers this month (August) among a sea of other stuff! We thought it important to do because they have had so many career changing things happen and we wanted to know more about the results. So, here is how our interview goes and we hope you learn something new about The Como Brothers.

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On August 1st 2013 you had a gig at the Bitter End in NY at the "MusicGorilla Major Label Showcase", how do you think that went and what was the experience like?
We were selected by MusicGorilla through a ReverbNation opportunity to showcase our music at The Bitter End to an A&R from A&M Octone Records. First off we really want to say that MusicGorilla made the experience awesome and are extremely grateful to have been selected for this once in lifetime opportunity. All of the artists that we showcased with were just so talented and we enjoyed the night tremendously. As original artists we have been striving and working hard to get heard and break into the music industry. The fact that we could meet an A&R from A&M Octone Records, perform our music and receive a written assessment on our performance made it an outstanding experience. What made the experience even better was the fact he liked us gave us very positive feedback.

You very recently had some of your songs crowd reviewed for a CBS Radio Opportunity on ReverbNation and ended up having 10 of your songs submitted to CBS Radio's "Tomorrow's Hits Today" national station on That has got to be a great confidence booster! Tell us a bit about how it works and have you heard anything back from them?
We submitted some of our songs (old and new) for a silver crowd review on ReverbNation. When an artist enters their songs into this level review the song track receives a market potential rating and an overall rating for the track. The market potential rating is an indicator for the prediction of commercial success within the market. In order for the song to be submitted into the CBS Opportunity the overall market potential for that track must be over 75%. Having 10 songs receive this rating and be submitted to CBS Radio for play on their National Station is actually just unbelievable but totally awesome to us. We are waiting to hear from CBS Radio about airtime. The overall rating for a track is calculated from the average of all reviewer's ratings and is a general measure of how good the reviewers feel it is. In order for the artist to be featured on the ReverbNation Homepage the overall track rating must have a score over 7.8. The results of our crowd reviews came before our showcase date so it did make us feel good that we are heading in the right direction. It was great to receive feedback from potential listeners.

You are releasing your full 12 track album in early October named "Baby Steps", can you tell us a bit about the recording and production of the album? How did you decide which songs would go on this album and How long did it take in the studio to finish?
Yes we're very excited to be releasing our first full length album "Baby Steps" on October 1st. We recorded/produced the whole album at VuDu Studios in Port Jefferson, NY with Tom Flynn, Mike Watts (The Dear Hunter, As Tall As Lions, American Fangs) and Steve Haigler (The Dear Hunter, Pixies, As Tall As Lions, Fuel) mastered it. The album has a very organic blues/jazz feel, but it plays by all the pop rules. The songs that made it to the album were designed to be universal in message. We want our music to reach as many people as possible, and so we wrote about things that really speak to us like relationships, hardships, good times, etc. The recording process has to be the greatest thing in the world. Every night when we got home we looked forward to getting back in the studio the next day. To watch an idea turn into a full fledged song over a period of time is amazing. It's not a quick process though. We started recording "Baby Steps" in August 2012 and finished in early June 2012. We didn't record straight through for that stretch of time though. The sessions were in spurts because of work/school. Now we're just packaging and promoting for the October 1st release!

Who does your video work and where do the ideas for the videos come from?
Tom Flynn and Mike Watts of VuDu Studios did everything from top to bottom for the video with us. Matt and I (Andrew) went to VuDu Studios for a video planning day where we presented our ideas to them. We wanted to shoot in Port Jefferson with a hometown feel. They brainstormed with us using storyboards for the ideas and brought them to life. It was a really cool and fresh process.

Straight Face [Official Music Video]

While recording at VuDu Studios, have you gotten to meet or work with any well known artists?
We were fortunate enough to be recording a large portion of "Baby Steps" at the same time that The Dear Hunter was recording their most recent record "Migrant". We got to see them a lot, and they are some of the nicest down to earth people you could meet. Definitely check them out! The lead singer of The Dear Hunter, Casey Crescenzo, even played Fender Rhodes and some Mellotron on two of our tracks off the upcoming album ("Late Nights" and "Chasing Ambience").

We were also very lucky to have Dan Gluszak (Times of Grace, Envy On The Coast) track drums for every song on our album except "Bad Karma" which Andrew played drums on.

The Como Brothers Band Facebook Cover

Music via ReverbNation

We think music fans like to know about the people behind the band so we have a few questions of a more personal nature if you don't mind? What are some of your hobbies other than music?
Long walks on the beach, Bed Bath & Beyond (we're very into the "Beyond" section), sushi, coffee, and baseball. We also love going to concerts. We just saw John Mayer and Phil Phillips at the Comcast Center in Hartford. It was one of the best concerts we have ever went to. They both put on a great show.

What does a typical Como Brothers day consist of these days?
It consists of Matt going to work early in the morning, and Andrew waking up at a later undisclosed time to make bacon and eggs. Andrew is currently unemployed, but he's looking! Andrew plays guitar, sings, writes, and keeps up with band emails/social media while Matt is at work. When Matt gets home we practice and write together. Matt then stays up late every night emailing blogs, answering emails and continues the social media interfacing. I always say I think there are two Matts. Haha

Bicycle or skateboard and can we have your autograph? :)
Definitely bicycle...we're challenged in the balance department.

Haha I think the both of our autographs combined are worth as much as a single chop stick, but yes of course you can.

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2013 Plans and Achievements

Songwriting is our primary focus. For us, writing songs is a daily obsession. We want to write songs that are original, creative, and have integrity. Right now, we are recording our first full length album at VuDu Studios in Port Jefferson, NY. The 12 tracks on the album are coming together really well! We are planning to release this debut album sometime in Summer 2013.

We are very excited about all of our plans for 2013! We are opening for The WallFlowers at Alive@Five In Stamford, CT on June 20th. In June we will also be performing in two festivals; "The Long Island Music Festival" and "Make Music NYC". February 2013 we opened for Jillian Jensen at 89 North Music Venue, played at the Hard Rock Café NYC in the Hard Rock Rising 2013 Finals, and opened for Frankie Zulferino at the Highline Ballroom in NYC. In March, we performed on Balcony TV Charleston and did an on-air interview/performance for a local radio station in Columbia SC. Our music has been placed on MTV's Real World Portland which aired on March 27th. The instrumental version of our song "Your Love" has been placed in ads for Quicksilver and the Oxygen Channel's Best Ink. Three of our songs will also be on the soundtrack of the new Indie movie Wingman Inc., which is coming out later this year.

Andrew Como - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Matt Como - Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar
Justin Scheidling - Percussion & Drums
Tim Costello - Keyboards, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
John O’Keefe - Auxiliary Percussion, Vocals