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Interview with Broken Romeo - August 2013

This will be our second interview with Broken Romeo this year. We would like to say that Broken Romeo is one of our family's favorite rock bands. We take their album "Desperation Daze" on many road trips and never get tired of listening to those tunes! If you have not checked out Broken Romeo before, we think you're in for a real treat! So please read on and enjoy music from Broken Romeo and we hope you learn something about the guys in this interview!

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Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us! So how are you guys doing?
Doing great! We have been working hard on the new recording project and we are happy and a little relieved to release the new single “Broken Man”. It took us a while but we were very happy with how it turned out!

Our last interview with you guys was back in January this year (2013) and we know your working on a new EP and thought it would be a great time to interview again! We have recently had the privilege to check out your new single "Broken Man" and we absolutely love it! Tell us a little about what the song is about and who wrote the lyrics?
Thanks so much! We are very happy that the song has been received so well! The song was the first one we came up with in our band writing sessions. It started out quite differently and has evolved very much from the time we started on it and how it turned out. I wrote the lyrics on this song. It’s a song about a man who has tried everything to keep his bad relationship with his girlfriend intact to no avail. It’s a one way relationship but no matter how much he gives it’s not enough. It has left him battered and broken. Only in the end does he realize that he was always in a “no win” scenario. He starts to feel like the guy in the Greek myth about Sisyphus. You can only roll that boulder uphill just to let it roll over you so many times before you’ve had enough. Time to pick yourself up, respect yourself again, and move on! He becomes quite cynical about the whole thing!

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How many songs will be on the new EP and do you have a title for it yet?
We have currently recorded the drums to 5 songs..we finished the first and have begun work on the 2nd called "What Are You Looking For?". The original plan was to release two EP's called "Side One" and "Side Two"…kind of a throwback to the old Vinyl album days. So barring any changes the new EP that we are working on will be called "Side One".

Are you planning to release songs as singles and then release the EP?.
We are planning on releasing a new song off of the EP every 4-6 weeks until we have released them all. We will then release the set as an EP and offer it both digitally and on CD.

Which studio are you guys using this time around? Tell us who does what in the song and music creative process.
It has been a real learning process for us. My brother Steve has a nice studio set up at our rehearsal studio. He has been doing quite a bit of recording on his own. He has a solo project called "Black Hole Gravity" which I would encourage your readers to check out! At any rate he has become quite skilled in the recording process. In order to save some money, and allow us the ability to take our time we decided to everything that we could on our own. We also decided to use our good friend George Nardo at Luna Studio in Tucson for the things we couldn't do ourselves. We recorded our last EP with George in 2006. We have always had the utmost respect for George and his studio. The first song took a bit longer than we originally anticipated because there was some trial and error but in the end we were very happy with the end result. Because it took us so long we decided to make the new single a free download. It's available on our website at We hope the process is smooth sailing from here on out with a "roadmap" in place for the rest of the songs.

How often do you guys practice the new songs and where do the practices take place?
We have a great studio right in the heart of downtown Tucson. We used to dream of having a rehearsal studio like this when we were just starting out. It's really a great environment for us to work in. The beer fridge is always stocked! We are currently preparing for some shows we have coming up in September. These are the first shows we have played since we started writing and recording the new songs. We want to play the new songs at these shows as they have never been played live before. So as you can imagine we play them pretty much at every practice. We try to practice twice a week. It get's hard sometimes with everyone being so busy in their personal lives (work, family, kids, etc) but that is what we strive for.

So how do you guys get along in general? Have there been events that happened with-in the band that led to a song?
We all get along great! Ari, Steve and I have known each other since we were in our teens so we are like family. Steve and I are brothers so we also have our brotherly quarrels from time to time. If it ever gets heated Ari and Matt put us in our place. They won't stand for too much brotherly bickering. Matt has been a great addition to the band. We all respect and like each other so in the end it's all good! We did reach a point as a band, before we had recorded the "Desperation Daze" where we were questioning why we were still playing music. Everyone had gotten so busy in their private lives and we weren't really sure whether it was worth it anymore. We questioned ourselves as to whether or not any one even cared about the band or the music any longer. It really was a desperate time for the band. In the end we decided to push forward with the new record. We called the album "Desperation Daze" in part because of the state of the band. We were desperate to make an album that would give us a reason to continue on. 2 years later we are working on a new recording project and booking gigs so I would guess we found our reason!

You mentioned family and children, how many of you guys are married and how supportive would you say your family members are about your music business?
We are all married with young children. It definitely makes making time for the band harder but if you love making music you find the time. Our wives are very supportive. My wife will kill me for saying this but she was a BR groupie from way back! She used to go to all of our shows. My wife, Steve, Ari and Ari’s wife all met when we all worked at The Wherehouse Records back in the day. So our wives are used to us being in a band! They are our biggest fans!

What would you say is the most fun aspect about being an independent rock band?
Doing things on your own terms. Making the kind of music you want to make. Being in control of the band “Brand”. We have complete control of our band, image and more importantly our music. For better or worse!

Do you have an idea for the art work for "Side One"?
Side One and Side Two
I do actually! Steve and I were in Berlin, Germany in December of 2012. We were really inspired by the culture and history of Berlin. While we were there we got to visit the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, Hansa Studio and much more. We also got to see portions of the wall. I happened to stumble upon the Trabbant museum. The Trabbant was a car manufactured in East Germany. They were mostly plastic and had 2 stroke engines and produced really smoky exhaust! You can smell them coming for sure. They were plagued by production shortages and broke down often. You could always see many of them broken down on the side of the road. To borrow from Google, “The Trabant is often cited as an example of the disadvantages of centralized planning; on the other hand, it is also regarded with derisive affection as a symbol of the failed former East Germany and of the fall of communism (in former West Germany, as many East Germans streamed into West Berlin and West Germany in their Trabants after the opening of the Berlin Wall in 1989)”. I took some shots of the “Trabbie” covered in snow. I have a front shot and a rear shot. I was going to use the front for “Side One” and the back for the cover of “Side Two”!

Thanks guys for the interview, we can't wait to hear all the new songs on Side One!

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Broken Romeo is an Alternative Rock band from Tucson, Arizona. The music they produce is diverse and draws on influences including everything from classic rock to contemporary bands. Broken Romeo was the 2011 Tammie winner in the Rock category and they have shared the stage with many National acts. In Oct 2011 Broken Romeo released an all new full length album called “Desperation Daze”. The album was recorded May thru June 2011 at Og7 studio in Tucson, Az., and was engineered and co-produced by Nando Rivas. The album is available at, CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and many other online distributors. The album is also available at all Zia Record Exchange locations in Arizona and Nevada. The first single "1 In A Million" is in rotation on 106.7 FM Phoenix as a "Homegrown Hit".

Broken Romeo are:

James Turpin: lead vocals, guitars
Steve Turpin: lead guitars, vocals
Ari Sloane: Bass
Matt Ringnell: Drums