Interview with the King of Cool, Dr Jimmy Star


Hello Jimmy, how are you man? I am fantastic, thanks for asking and the interview.


IMB: We’ve known each other awhile now and even done a few projects together a couple of years back.  But for our readers who may not know you, tell us a bit about yourself and your interest’s in the music industry.

Jimmy Star Show LogoJimmy: I am a huge music lover and supporter of indie music, television and film. I host the #1 Webshow in the World called The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell, and we try to promote independent artists and filmmakers as one of our guests on every show, and we average 4 million weekly viewers/listeners. I am also the Director Of Operations for divisions of The Spectra Music Group, write a very popular blog at , I am a best-selling author and have a music/film public relations firm called World Star PR and we work with indie and well-established artists at affordable rates to gain massive exposure.


IMB: There are a lot of big music industry buy outs of smaller companies who begin to show competition. Music streaming services are financially in trouble or failing. Indie radio stations closing all over the place. What is your take on it all and do you think one of the streaming services will end up on top? Do you think all of this will open the doors wider for indie radio stations or will they all be pushed out as well?

Jimmy: This is a very good question and I do not have a good answer. Time will tell. I think that the answer for the indie artist is to build a following, try not to be anyone but themselves, tour and sell merchandise so they can make money while building their fan base. I don’t think the really great indie stations will get pushed out, as long as they set themselves up legally from the beginning. They have to pay royalties and set up their stations as a business. They have to get sponsors, advertisers, sales forces to sell ad space just like the terrestrial stations. If they do this they will make it. If not I think they will disappear. I think that Spotify will come out on top, but who knows. Streaming music does not pay the artists any money really, unless you are getting millions of plays a day, so you have to think outside the box to find as many revenue streams as possible for selling your music on your own.


IMB: Do you think artists looking to get into the music business should take college courses in business and music?

Jimmy Star King of CoolJimmy: I do not necessarily think they have to take college courses, but it is imperative for all artists to realize that the music industry is a business. Writing and recording songs is really the easiest part of the industry. What you do with your music once it is recorded is what differentiates success and failure. Social media, marketing, touring, merchandise, and promotions are the most important aspect for artists looking to make a career out of being a musician/artist. As an artist, it is imperative to realize that no one is going to invest money in your career if you are not willing to invest in yourself. Learn the ins and outs of everything related to the industry and if you do not comprehend all of it, find someone who will help explain it to you. The Indie Music Bus is filled with great information on the industry, and there are many fantastic books that have been published to help learn how to make a career out of your artistry.



IMB: Are you guys interested in doing any artist development type stuff or has that become something of the past?

Jimmy: We do not do artist development, and I don’t really think many labels do that anymore. It is something of the past, as the only artists you see really going to the majors are the ones who have already become popular on their own. With Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter and all the social media tools, artists are getting millions of plays on their own, and the artists who have built a fan-base are the ones that are getting snapped up.


IMB: I remember visiting the chat-room on your radio show, ‘The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell ” and how you interacted with people in the chat-room live on the air. That was so cool, do you still do that sort of thing?

Jimmy: We absolutely interact with the chat-room on every show…we have viewers from all over the world and appreciate all of their support and like to recognize them for all their support both in the chat-room and on our social media accounts. We are also now a TV/Radio show, listed on IMDB and we have our own tv channel on ROKU, and you can also see our show on Youtube, Vimeo and listen on soundcloud, iHeart Radio, Audioboom, iTunes, Stitcher and in syndication around the world.


IMB: What are the most important qualities about an artist or band you look for when scouting for talent?

Jimmy: First of all I look for great music. Unfortunately it is more and more difficult to find artists making great music who are also knowledgeable in the business aspect of the industry. Artists need to build a following locally first, followed by regionally and nationally. They have to have a history of touring and playing shows. Many artists always come to me saying they want to book tours all over the world, and when I ask them how do they do in their own hometown they get 50-100 people to a show. There is no way in the world an artist is going to book a show in another part of the United States or in another country if you cannot build fans in your own backyard. Build your local following, play all the venues regularly, get to know the local media, get interviews and expand once you have developed a fanbase.


Do you think it’s important for an artist or band to have interviews and other press published? Is the content of that press a determining factor by labels?

Jimmy: Yes, it is very important. There is so much competition in the industry, that all artists need to have as much information on the internet as possible. Radio stations want to see how popular an artist is by reading reviews, interviews, looking at tour dates, and popularity in social media. Artists need all of that to capture the attention of everyone in the industry. If you are a label or radio station, and you have two potential candidates for a deal or radio airplay, are you going to work with the artist that no one has ever heard of or the one that is constantly working on building a fan base and promoting themselves. It is a no brainer. This is the main reason we started World Star PR, so indie artists can get the exposure they need to stand above the rest at affordable prices.


IMB: How important is it that an act has a strong local following in building their fan base?

Jimmy: This is extremely important, as I mentioned earlier, if you cannot fill a venue with friends, family and fans from your own hometown, it is going to be impossible for you to fill a venue in an area where people do not know who you are.


Do you often have independent musicians or bands on “The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell” or is it only for celebrities?

Jimmy: We do have a lot of independent musicians and bands on the show, and we have a lot of really famous celebrities also. We try to provide a wide variety of guests and you never know what is going to happen. We are unscripted and sometimes it gets really wild, risque and hilarious. We have a blast.


IMB: What is your typical day like when you are doing music business related stuff?

Jimmy StarJimmy: I spend most of my days on the phone…setting up interviews, looking for new talent, looking for companies to work with that will be mutually beneficial for both parties, setting up shows, basically all important business items that are important for success in the industry. It is the same for The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell…we are an indie show, and I have to do the same kind of business things with the show that artists have to do with their music career, and we have taken the show to become the #1 Webshow in the world with 4 million weekly viewers/listeners.



IMB: We noticed that you opened World Star PR tell us a little about the company and what services you offer. I started World Star PR with NY Times  Best-Selling author Eileen Shapiro who has interviewed the biggest music icons in history and writes for several well-known publications like The Huffington Post, Louder Than War, Classic Pop and many more.

World Star PR - Jimmy StarJimmy: World Star PR is the Go-To alternative for actors, filmmakers, models, musicians, authors and other entertainment professionals.
We have great reach, great industry relations and work diligently to get you the results you are looking for.
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We work heavily with independent musicians/bands/artists and bring worldwide exposure, at a small fraction of the price of typical PR firms. You can visit our website at




We asked artists on Twitter and Facebook if they wanted us to ask you a question. Here are a few of them:

Ghostly Beard: What has changed in the record industry since the advent of download and streaming? How do you see it evolving?

Jimmy: Great question…I have been working in the music industry as an Executive for the past 8-9 years, and so I missed the days of physical record/cd sales, so although I have heard thousands of stories of how it has changed I have not personally experienced it. I think that with the evolution, and the increased competition, artists are going to have to be much more aggressive in promoting themselves and their music. There are so many places to find new music, so artists are going to have to really develop fans and interact with them regularly to build their fan-base. When you develop a fan, and if you interact with them regularly, thank them for their support and let me be a part of your career, they will be a fan for life and support you in all your endeavors.

Faith: Musicians seem to put masses of music out there. Is it better to put less music out on social media and make the quality better?

Jimmy: I think that the quality of the music needs to be the best that it can be. I don’t think it matters if you put out a lot or a little as long as all of it is really good. A lot of the time I think that means that there should probably be a little less going out to the pubic as much of it is not really good. Of course like everything it is my opinion that a lot of it is not good, but what I think is terrible others may enjoy immensely.


Kate Rose: Has the easy access to the multitude of music sharing/streaming services tainted the pool of available talent or improved it? Because there is such a wide range of sources to produce/display bodies of work, how much do they rely on them to find talent?

Jimmy: That is a great question. I am not really sure. Back in the 1950’s there were a handful of great musicians and movie stars. They were legends. Now we really do not have legends in anything, we have the flavor of the month. It provides a much larger talent pool, a greater variety so there is music for everyone to enjoy regardless of taste in music, and gives opportunities to everyone on an equal scale to be discovered and develop a career. Talent is discovered in many ways, and it definitely increases the choices. It is still very important for all artists to do their own thing and develop individual plans to get where they want to go in their music career.




The Jimmy Star Show

The Jimmy Star Show ( is TV/radio’s coolest syndicated entertainment, music, fashion and pop culture show hosted by none other than the Celebrity Renaissance Man and King of Cool, Dr. Jimmy Star, and his Outrageous Cool Man About Town Ron Russell!! In each live two hour tv/radio program, Jimmy Star and Ron Russell have a blast talking with celebrity friends/ guests and bringing you the Good Times with industry insider ideas along with cool music, movies, TV, and pop culture previews.


The Jimmy Star Show is the #1 show in the world with over 4 million listens/views per week. King of Cool Jimmy Star is a well- known Celebrity Clothing Designer, Director of Operations of the Urban/Pop  division of the Spectra Music Group, ( the largest indie record label in the world, a twitterati (@drjimmystar) with over 1.2 million active followers, Vice-President of Spectra Film Works, a full service production company (  and Director of Operations at Beacon Publishing Group, ( one of the largest audiobook narration and book distribution companies in the world.


Ron Russell

Cool Outrageous Man About Town Co-Host Ron Russell has a history with his Time Warner TV Show “Set The Record Straight”, where he interviewed Hollywood Legends like Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor, Tony Curtis, Bette Davis, John Waters, Renee Taylor, Joe Bologna, Jane Russell, Tab Hunter, Cliff Robertson, Arlene Dahl, Tippi Hedron, Cloris Leachman, etc….He is also an accomplished Theatre/Film/TV actor and writer.


Celebrity Interviews

Celebrity Actors who have been guests on the show include John Carroll Lynch,  Patrick Warburton, Ross Marquand, Fran Drescher, Dot Marie Jones, Christopher McDonald, Devon Sawa,  John Barrowman, Marshall Bell, Todd Stashwick,  Ian Buchanan,  Illeana Douglas, Clifton Collins Jr, Jon Lindstrom, Faison Love, Neil Jackson, Stephen Lang, Lance Henriksen,  Greg Poehler, Matthew Modine, Joseph Cross, Lainie Kazan, Randall Batinkoff, IronE Singleton,  John Schneider, Jamie Kennedy, Lew Temple,  Paul Sorvino, Xander Berkeley, Leon, Adrian Paul, Naomi Grossman, Robert Davi,  Taryn Manning , Kurt Fuller, Chad Lindberg, Jack O’Halloran, Christine Elise McCarthy, Corin Nemec, Antonio Sabato Jr, Renee Taylor, Joe Bologna, Tony Todd, Richard Hatch, Mary Stein, Cassie Scerbo, Richard Portnow, Peter Jason and Michael Rooker. (Many actors appearing on the show have had feature roles in Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated and winning movies or have been nominated themselves).


Musician Interviews

Musicians- Academy Award Winners BJ Thomas and Three Six Mafia, Bianca Ryan, King Harvest, Sam Bailey, Lance Bass, Expose, Sister Sledge, Taylor Dayne, Gary Wright, Sophie B. Hawkins, Guy Sebastian, Ricky Rebel, Prince Poppycock,  Hinder, Lita Ford, PussyCat Doll Jessica Sutta, Robbie Dupree, Glenn Jones, Gioia Bruno, Greg Gould, Melinda Doolittle, Blake McIver, Tony Terry and many more, all of which are gold, platinum and multi-platinum recording artists.


We are always interviewing well known celebrities at the top of their field, an unbelievable accomplishment from an independent television/radio show.


The Jimmy Star Show airs live every Wednesday from 3-5 pm ET on W4CY radio and can be heard by going to, and is a member of the Clear Channel Communications Radio family on iHeart  Radio. The show is also available on Soundcloud, Audioboom, Podomatic, Stitcher and iTunes.  As all shows are skype video interviews, the Jimmy Star Show airs on Roku and Apple TV on Mondays following the Wednesday live taping. We are broadcast to 16.5 million radio listeners, over 20 million television subscribers of Roku / Apple Tv and over 50 million iHeart Radio subscribers.


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