Sinikka Monte

“I realised at the age of twelve that I could sing and that is when I also discovered I loved performing. On stage I felt confident; off it, I felt insecure.”

Sinikka Monte was born in Kirkcaldy Scotland to South African/Italian and Finnish parents and at the age of four she moved to Austria. Her debut single “It Ain’t You”  was released in November 2019 and her second single “Play Pretend” will be out in June.



“My song writing is autobiographical, and I write about love, hate, envy, feeling insecure and bullying. “It Ain’t You” is about getting out of a bad relationship and the realisation that the person I was with, was not “it”.”

Sinikka’s debut single “It Ain’t You” made it to the semi-finals in the International Songwriting Competition in three categories.

Sinikka MonteSinikka strives to challenge the boundaries of mainstream music but wants to remain attractive to the modern listener by being authentic and real.
“The idea is to create new unique sounds to surprise the listener by mixing modern pop beats with urban sound to create a multifaceted atmosphere”

In 2019 Sinikka received The Joe Zawinul “Z” Award which gave her the opportunity to spend a week at the Los Angeles College Of Music Summer Xperience “Spending time with like-minded people from all over the world was awesome – I am still in touch with many of them”.

Sinikka is currently planning the production of her EP and as the Covid19 messed up her gig plans for the summer, she will be performing live online accompanied by her 14-year-old multi-instrumentalist brother Lauri. They also recently landed an opportunity to perform at a drive-in movie theatre as an opening act for the movie.


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Twitter:  @sinikkamonte