Indie Radio Submit Directory

Indie Radio Submit Directory

Hello everyone, today I am here to tell you about some cool new features we’ve added to our Indie Radio Directory.

  • Put in two days of programming and data entry time to actually add a database back-end and an editor, we were editing  the directory by hand.
  • Added New Stations
  • Removed Closed Stations
  • Added Grouping Sections by genre

With these changes, it has enabled us to “Group” by genre and randomly sort the stations in each group every time we write the page. This gives each of the stations a chance to be positioned near or at the top. You can see we have added the Genre Grouping Titles to each section in the image to the right.

New Stations Needed

The page and artists using it, need more stations in Country, Hip/Hop, Rap, R&B and Pop. Submit your radio station at the link provided or submit your music!


Thanks for taking the time to read this!