Music Requests

This is a rough draft and subject to change some. These features are exclusively available to those on our promotion roster. Also read about Indie Music Force Central

Music Requests

Behind the scenes I have been working on the concepts and features for a new Twitter Bot called Indie Music Force. You can send commands to the Indie Music Force Bot because it is a listening software. It’s main purpose for now is Music Requests, so it only has a single command, which I will list later. The command list will be expanded and documented on a special page as I complete them. I believe Indie Music Force will be fun for fans and lucrative for bands and sponsors.


Any music listener over the age of 16 with a Twitter account will be able to make music requests. Those who are over 18 will be eligible for rewards. The music requested will be shouted out from various Twitter accounts and the action recorded.  When a song is requested but not found, one will be randomly selected, and the requested song stored.  Later we may add the requested song with a thank you shout out!  Music fans will appear on charts showing their scores.


Question: Do you think your music fans would be willing to do this for you? Should I spend all the time to build this? Is it a viable idea? Comment at the bottom of the article with your thoughts please.

All acts that are Riding Indie Music Bus™ will be eligible to receive music shout outs requested by music fans. The act will be responsible for shipping music and merchandise purchased by Indie Music Bus using sponsor funding. This is a great way for your fan base to easily earn stuff yet you still get paid! This service is totally free for you guys on the bus!


Fans and bands will find the total requests for each act on a public web chart that’s updated twice a day.  Another web chart will contain the information about the music fan’s scores.  Each page will contain sponsor advertising.


Of course the main goal here is to give the music fans something fun to do online while supporting their favorite indie bands and musicians.  This is an innovative concept to help sell band merchandise and give sponsors some great exposure!


We will be inviting sponsors to fund the costs to run the sites and the reward system. They in turn will receive social media mentions and shout outs thanking them for their sponsorship. Sponsors will have visibility on our pages and charts relating to Indie Music Force.

Music & Merchandise

The music and merchandise will come from the band’s/musician’s websites and stores. The rewards could be anything from music downloads to t-shirts and possibly even tickets to a show!

Indie Music Force LogoRewards

Winners will be decided randomly from participants who have a score greater than x and points will increase the chances of winning.  So, the more the fan does, the better their chances are.  There will be more than one way to gain these points. More about the ways to earn points will be defined later.  Stay tuned.

When the winners are chosen, music and/or other merchandise will be purchased from an act currently riding the bus and be of the winners choosing.  Rewards merchandise will be shipped by the act themselves to the winner.  A shout out on social media from one or more of our Twitter accounts will go out thanking the winner and the sponsor who funded the purchase.

Future achievements and rewards will appear on the fan charts next to the fan’s name.  Certain achievements will open up great opportunities!  Details, forthwith!  The winner’s accumulated achievements and available points will determine whether the reward is a music download, or a different type of merchandise, or perhaps tickets to a show.

If you are under 18 years of age, your rewards are virtual badges instead of points.  Use the badges to purchase extra “chances” to get real merchandise once you reach 18 years of age!  The badges will then have the same value as regular points.

Eligibility Requirements

Music fans will need to follow @IndieMusicForce on Twitter and be over the age of 16 to request music and appear on the fan charts. Participants will need to fill out a form and be over 18 years old to be eligible for most rewards. A valid email address, birthdate and mailing address will be collected and securely stored, used solely for the purpose of rewards mailing and determining eligibility!

The Plan

  • Speak with a lawyer
  • Document all estimated costs to run
  • Create the standard rules and Indie Music Force Bot commands page
  • Create a Fan Signup Form – 2 days to code
  • Define Achievements and Opportunity Features and have the Icons made – 20 Days or more
  • Define and Document the Points System and ways to earn them
  • Build in Anti-Cheat measures – 65% complete
  • Finish shout-out system – 99% complete
  • Write a sponsor gateway and work at attracting sponsors – 10 days to code, long term commitment
  • Create the chart generation code: estimated 10 or more days
  • Create Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and other documentation


Alpha and Beta Testing

Stay tuned for invitations to sign up for our testing team! You will receive special achievements and extra points for helping out, excluding my wife!

I will send out updates via our newsletters and via Blog Updates.  Subscribe using the footer on this page to stay in the loop.  Be sure to subscribe to both of them!

Comments, Suggestions and Questions

There is a place near the very bottom of this page to comment. Please take a moment and let us know what you think! ~ Walter and Darlene Hargrave.


Become an Indie Force Member

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