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Many years ago, on our first website called ClubKnowledge we had a virtual street team application that grew popular. Inspiration came from a service offered by, “Promoter” platform. When closed, our platform soon went with it.

Today, the internet offers the road to travel on for both artists and music fans. We already offer many services for artists and believe it would be amazing to offer a platform for the supporters of independent music too. Let the world hear the music fans voices!


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New Logo, T-Shirt Design and Flyers

As we speak, we are working with Ian Husbands to design all the graphics we will use going forward. We can’t wait to share them with you all!

Ian Husbands

Providing cost-effective creative solutions! 20 years of industry experience! #Graphic #Design #Web #Video #Animation #Photography#Music #Print

City of London, London

Promotion and Reward Ideas

Some of the initial ideas we have had with many more to come. An email address will be provided for you to suggest things too!

  • Awesome Business Cards to leave in coffee shops, libraries or any where they offer to allow it!
  • Suggestion Box – Secret email address – Introduce new talent, promotion ideas or reward ideas to us directly
  • Fan of the Week, Month and Year with Rewards
  • Indie Music Force Super Fan Award of Excellence
  • Real World Flyers and Posters and Digital Version
  • Flyers & Posters with Band/Artist of the Week
  • Help decide who will be the next artist for Digital Flyers & Posters
  • Share Digital Flyers & Posters – Indie Music Bus™
  • Share Indie Music Bus Stuff

Be an Indie Music Force

Indie Music Force LogoWe have a great deal of work yet to do but there is no reason why we you shouldn’t signup early! Want to be one of the first to sign up? If accepted, some of you will receive one of the unique t-shirts we mentioned earlier! Don’t worry, there will be other t-shirts given out as rewards later as well!

Below is the form to fill out with the details about you!