Indie Music Bus™ Radio

Edit: The pandemic put this entire project on hold! Finally things are looking up and we can again move forward with our plans to start up. Timeline announcement coming at a later date. We are working to get over an hours worth of music for the rotation. Note: If you have already submitted your info to us, you don’t have to do so again. We will be in contact with some of you! If you have not submitted music yet, after reading this page, head over to Submit Music Links and Your Story

If you’re new to all of this, we suggest you read “Why Music Metadata Is Becoming More Critical for Musicians” and verify your metadata is correct!

Hello everyone. After years of wanting to do it, it is finally time. We are just a few weeks away from Indie Music Bus Radio going live.

Indie Music Bus Radio is happening, Hashtag: #WIMM

Indie Music Bus Radio WIMM

In the works:

  • Study of the laws (Done) – The decision has been made to use ad supported Live365. Our monthly subscription and the ads covers all royalties and fees for our digital internet radio station. So performance artists and songwriters will be paid royalties!
  • Pick the software for video and audio live streaming
  • Hire the artist to work on a new logo concept for the station (Done)
  • Setup new Twitter Account (Done) Twitter account is @InDMBradio
  • Choose the volunteer personalities, since there will be two hosts together on the main show, there will need to be charisma between the two presenters They will all need great radio voices and probably best if they are in workable time zones. Honestly, a married couple would be ideal
  • Pick music/songs for the premier show
  • Media Coverage for opening day – Local area newspapers, Jimmy Star, OpenPR, PRLog, IssueWire, Indie Band Guru

The current plan is to have two volunteer personalities: a male and female team. During the weekly show, they will talk about:

  • Live365 covers licensing for the U.S., Canada, and U.K., and the licensing is all included in the package price. They cover SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC licenses in the United States, as well as SOCAN and Re:Sound for Canada, and PPL and PRS for Music for the U.K.
  • New independent music artists and their stories.
  • Introductions for each featured independent music track.
  • Discuss happenings with-in the indie community
  • Interview an act with a great backstory


WIMM CertThe main show will feature our favorite acts from all genres of music. Later in the plan, the other shows’ personalities will each feature a specific genre: Hip/Hop, Country, Metal, etc.

Also planned:

  • Syndication of other shows: Talk Radio, etc.
  • Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch and other video streaming live shows.
  • 24/7 Broadcasting of music with ads up to 1,500 TLH to start

For those interested in being a show personality should fill out the form supplied, below.