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Indie Music Bus and 2017

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update this time:

It has been awhile we know, it has been a crazy year and will be glad to move on to the new year with new goals and plans. Our main focus will be building our Official Indie Music Monday brand features. Our first goal has already been reached by finding our editor and content writer Candice Anne Marshall.  She will be doing interviews, music reviews and other writing for the artists on the platform.

Candice is an amazing writer and we are so pleased to have her on board! You can check out her work over at Starlight Music Chronicles and you should!

We have already made some fundamental changes to our Indie Music Bus platform to improve our ability to find the most marketable, current and trendy acts, not to say that’s all we are looking for.


  • Bring the Indie Music Monday Radio Station Online
  • Create new opportunities for artists and indie record labels
  • Advance the Indie Music Bus Engine™ to work with Indie Music Monday in new ways
  • Reach out via our mailing lists more often


Thank you for reading, we will try to stay more in touch in 2017

Walter Hargrave – Happy New Year!

Indie Music Bus™

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