Indie Artist Tee Shirt Drive – The Idea

Sometimes people will buy shirts just because they love the look of them even if they don’t know the act on them! Let’s give this Indie Tee Shirt Drive a go!

As we all know, merchandise sales are one of the best income streams available to independent music artists. It can sometimes be difficult to get the word out there however. We want to help, so starting as soon as we have enough shirts examples and at the beginning of each month, Indie Music Bus will do campaigns on Twitter and other places. During the campaigns, we will inform the public about your great indie t-shirts that we are displaying here. Why are we doing this at no charge? Because we believe this will greatly help many independent musical acts and get more of the public to notice that great merchandise is available. Our mission has always been to help deserving independent musical artists.

Which T-Shirts

To help us decide which shirts make it to our pages, maybe we will use polls or some other form of public opinion mechanism. Or do you think we should just make the choices ourselves, myself and the wife.

The Promotion

Our Future Leaders Tee

The Band: Our Future Leaders @ourfutureleadrs

From the information submitted to us, pages here on our site will contain the images, details and links to the store/shop for all to see. Once the page is ready for the month, a newsletter will go out to the parties marked as “Fan”. On Twitter, there will be tweets about the drive of course. Having a larger variety of shirts will be more appealing to people we think. Once we start the promotion, please help to spread the word of your involvement, or if you just want to help out, using the hashtag #IndieTshirtDrive

Tips to Help Sell Your Merchandise

  • Graphics on your merch should be professionally made, something that really catches the eye. Make sure your graphics are irresistible!
  • Offer as many colors for the base tee as possible.
  • Using third party sites that you upload your graphics too make it so you never run out of inventory and the options for color and size are handled. True, the prices will be higher but maybe that will still be ok if your stuff is irresistible.
  • Consider offering a discount for this promotion.


Submit Your Details

So, if you believe this could be helpful to you, use the form below to submit the details of your best-looking tee and its awesome graphics! Also, offer any advise, ideas or problems you may see in the comments/replies near the bottom.

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