Over the years, many of you, thousands, have submitted your musical artist stories, including from our Indie Music Monday platform, along with your bio’s and music. The other day I was thinking, man, many of these stories are really good! Then I got to thinking that it might be a good idea to share some of them with our readers. So, I have written some code to extract them all from the submissions so that I may go over them and pick out a few each week to feature here at Indie Music Bus. I still have a bit of work to do yet before I can make this happen, but it won’t take long. What do you think about this? Comments are open at the bottom of this page.

Musical Artist Stories

Musical Artist StoriesStories are the main attraction for the public that get’s them initially interested enough to actually listen. Personalities are just as important as the music in the introductory phase. Stories trigger all the human emotions and the music can make the hair stand on end.

If you have not yet told us your story, now is your chance! The plan is to have a special section here at Indie Music Bus for weekly featured stories and shared via our fairly massive social media network. If you are a brand that would like to be part of the promotion of this or republishing them, let us know!

Publishing & Promotion

The artist will be contacted before anything is published to get additional information:

  • Author’s Name / Copyright Info / Twitter Handle
  • Logo / Story Images / Image Credits
  • Story Additions
  • Links to appear

When everything is approved, the story publishes and  then shared on Twitter along with the artist and author Twitter handles.

Tell Your Story

Our book is open and ready to store great stories of all kinds relating to music.  Tell your story using our page > Submit Music Links and Your Story and have a wonderful day!