Bands in Town LogoIn this quick email interview with Bruce Houghton we inquired about Billboard partnering with Bands in Town Group and why Hypebot and Music Think Tank are now owned by Bands In Town.

Good day and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with us!

IMB: What is Bands in Town for Artists?

Bruce Houghton: Bandsintown For Artists is our free app and toolkit that helps artists grow their fanbase and sell more tickets. That includes uploading tour dates and spreading them across the web, building a fanbase of “trackers,” messaging them about upcoming shows and other offers, and using Bandsintown’s analytics to tour and market more strategically.

IMB: How did you land the job of running their Twitter account or is there more to it than that?

Bruce: Bandsintown acquired my blogs and earlier this year; and in addition to helping to grow those channels, they’ve tasked me with the wonderful job of helping to build even stronger ties with the artist community, particularly the indie and d.i.y. musicians and managers.

Building our presence on social media is just a small corner of that work.

IMB: With your recent partnership with Billboard, it seems like that is a significant deal! What can you tell us about the partnership and how it happened?

Bruce: Bandsintown Group co-founder Fabrice Sargent formed the partnership with Billboard which begins with the trade magazine publishing tour dates on their Artists Pages via Bandsintown.

IMB: Do you believe the partnership is a good thing for independent artists and how so?

Bruce: Tour dates are just the start of the great things you’ll see the companies doing together in the coming months. Most of it is in the planning stages, but I can share that we will have significant Presence at Billboard’s touring conference this fall.

IMB: For years you worked hard building up your blogs Hypebot and MusicThinkTank, what happened that led to it being acquired by Bandsintown?

Bruce: Bandsintown CFO Jon Ostrow – who you may remember for his work with Ariel Hyatt, Cyber PR and his wonderful MicControl blog – reached out because the company sincerely wants to empower developing artists. They see Hypebot, MusicThinkTank and our work together as a key component of that strategy.

IMB: Now that Bandsintown are the owners of your blogs, do you foresee any changes to your platform in the future?

Bruce: Bandsintown has not exercised any editorial control and has only been supportive of our mission to encourage and chronicle the shift to a new, more artist-focused music industry.  Thanks to Bandsintown, Hypebot will undergo an exciting redesign with other plans in the works.

IMB: Are you looking for any other partnerships when it comes to finding new artists?

Bruce: We’re always talking to new potential partners. Right now my own focus on helping artists and their teams understand the power of using the many free tools that Bandsintown offers and helping to fine-tune some exciting new features and improvements that will launch in the coming weeks.

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On July 11, 2019 Billboard announced a multifaceted partnership with Bands in Town. The partnership is intended to fill a global tour date catalog, strengthen fan engagement and help artists sell more tickets. More about the partnership can be found on Billboard.