imbChat LogoWelcome to the official page for our Indie Music Bus Twitter Chats imbChat. These chats should grow a community of musicians and supporters.

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Chats on Tuesday and Thursday 6PM EDT | 3PM PDT | 5PM CDT | 11PM BST 

Saturday [ 4PM EDT | 1PM PDT | 3PM CDT | 9PM BST ] 

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Chats on the Books

  1.   Tue 5/22/18 
  2.   Friday 5/25/18

Four chats will be held per week: Tue 6pm Est, Fri 6pm Est, (Sat 10am Est and 3pm Est)

TweetDeckThe official Twitter account is @imbChat For now we suggest using TweetDeck and adding a column for imbChat. If you know of a better Chat client, let us know!

If you use TWchat, it has features to filter down to the Questions which makes it very appealing for chats!