free views on FacebookI will try to help you get more free views on Facebook for 2019/2020 in this short article.

You are not alone in your struggle to be heard or at least feel noticed. Getting to that is a process of understanding your following. Knowing what works and what doesn’t will certainly help a lot! Thankfully there are tools to help you find out, Facebook (Insights) and Twitter (Analytics).


I am going to help you learn how! This takes some experimenting on your part because your followers may be different than ours. In Facebook (Insights), you are looking to achieve a high engagement score. That’s what drives free traffic! If you find that your highest engagement is when you post an image that’s related to the topic and that you asked a question. Do that more often! Questions are the base for engagement.

To find out which are your best performing posts, go to “Insights” and then to “Posts” where you can see the engagement rates. Take notes of the kinds of posts you did that had the highest engagement.  Was there an image or video used? Did you have a call to action or a question, etc.

Every following is different so there is no “One Strategy Fits All”. You can use this information and process for all social media platform using whatever analytics tool they have.

From our personal experience on Facebook, posts that are all text that offer something useful and have a question at the end have the highest engagement for us. The offer of good advice gets the likes or shares and the questions get answers. That doubles the engagement score!

I hear from others that live video Q&A get really high engagement rates. Also the use of images that relate to your topic, will also increase engagement.

Hope this helps some of you get extended free views on Facebook!