Indie Music Bus Act of the Month SeriesWe want to run another Act of the Month Series without submissions or fan votes. This is how I think it could work. Many of you have “rosters” or lists of some kind of the indie acts you love and support most right? Would you support suggesting your top 2 or 3 to us for an Act of the Month Feature here at IMB? Your part can be anonymous if you like. Our A&R will review the participants till we have 5 acts. Next the stories, music and websites of those acts will put in front of industry judging panel. Judging with be done either on a secret Facebook group or a section here on IMB or via email.

Some of you might be thinking, what’s in it for us? For one, you’re helping the acts you love. Those of you who want to be public with your suggestions, we can work something out!

For the judges(5), it will take about 30 minutes to an hour each month to judge for our Act of the Month.

Possible Incentives for Judges, Labels and Bloggers

One or more of:

  • Advertisement of Music Related Services
  • Social Media Mentions
  • Newsletter Appearances


So if your interested in suggesting acts or being a judge and run a radio station, blog site, record label or just a huge music fan. We would love to have you aboard! We will also need an official interviewer! The interview is a paid gig and we are offering $75.00 US per interview. Fill out the form below! Judges should have eclectic tastes in music and the time to partake!


NEWS: 6/24/19 Our original interview Candice will be doing our interviews!

Information 7/1/2019

Who is the A&R person (team) and what is the review process/criteria for getting the act in front of the judges?

Currently Walter and Darlene Hargrave

  • Over all web appearance: Professional Looking?
  • Social following and interactions
  • Uses Mailing Lists?
  • Album Cover Quality
  • Song Lyrics
  • Music Production
  • Song likability

What are the judges basing their vote on?

  • Album Cover Quality
  • Song Lyrics
  • Music Production
  • Song likability

7/11/19: So what we are going to do for our Act of the Month submission process is a mix of from submissions from our site plus those suggested by indie labels, bloggers and radio folks.



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