Heavy Metal GoldIndie Music Bus™ goes Heavy Metal Gold! Well actually, just it’s a new brand dedicated to independent metal music! Slogan: We’re Not Sharing It Unless It’s Gold!


Heavy Metal Gold now has an Official Website


The terms, “Metal as Fvck” and “Metal as Hell” apply here!


Things are just getting set up around here but, this is where we are going with Heavy Metal Gold.  We want to try and work with the fans of metal music to find great metal artists. You guys already know what is Heavy Metal Gold, so, we will just ask you! But if you’re an artist, by all means, introduce yourselves!

  • Band Interviews
  • Gold Music Reviews
  • Music sharing via Indie Music Bus Engine™
  • Guest Articles
  • DIY Content
  • Indie Record Label Consideration


It’s up to you to make it happen for your favorite heavy metals bands because only you know the great acts!



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