Do Less Actual Promotion

In this short article, i’ll give a few tips on how to have greater success selling your music and merchandise. Too many artists out there in social media land use promotional type language trying to sell their wares. Also, sharing music directly with someone as an introduction will most often fail. The general public is becoming deaf to all the noise out there! Ever notice that on TV or radio station shows, there is a great personality doing them? People often watch shows or listen to a particular radio station because of the personality and not just the music or video content! Knowing this, you can use it to your advantage! Since you will be working with text and images online most often, the words you chose are important. Many of you are songwriters so use that skill to be interesting and build an online personality. It goes without saying but I’m going to anyways, it’s up to you to make the music lovable!

Be More Social

success selling with stories

Long lasting relationships are what you want to build! Build relationships with fans, radio station managers, bloggers or anyone willing to listen both online and off! You may have limited time to do such things on social media, but you can find 30 minutes or so per day to do it! Your interactions with fans will give them small doses of dopamine and that will make them more open to suggestion.

Be Consistant

Try to do things on a schedule and stick with it! People can then work it into their schedules and they can rely on getting their fix!

Know Your Audience

Get to know your audience better and the different times zones they are in by collecting City, State, Zip, or foreign country, favorite color and other fun things on your mail list form from your website.

Use Stories

Tell stories about what inspired each song, an album concept, art work or things from the road! Stories are the secret to Greater Success Selling Your Music & Merchandise.  Have fun with your audience, make them feel at home.

Call To Action

Once you have the attention of your audience and they have their dose of dopamine, that’s the time to casually make a product known almost as an after thought! Make getting people to join your mailing list/newsletter a priority so  you can send them updates. Offer incentives and rewards for doing so like a free download of a song.