Gone Viral API

Gone Viral API LogoFirstly, some of you might be asking WTF is an API? API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface. The definition for API is a software intermediary that allows multiple applications to “speak” to each other in a predefined way. Below is just a little about our Gone Viral API, The API for Independent Music Artist Promotion and Submissions. Independent artists, indie labels, radio stations, and bloggers will benefit from using Gone Viral API!

NEW: You can now see some of the fruits of our labor at SoarViral.com

Things are not at the point where we can release too many details yet. One thing though is a social media music voting system for internet radio!  Of course, Indie Music Bus Radio will premiere the feature! In our case, the voting API will help us build weekly Top 25 Indie Acts charts using votes and other factors. Our sharing engine will generate vote-up links on the tweets produced during the radio airplay. Others might use the feature for contests or several other things.  Beta testing will begin in a couple of months for the voting feature. For those interested in taking part in it, you only need to be an indie act with a Twitter account and have an invitation. Subscribe to our newsletter for your chance invite. If you’re already subscribed then you’re good to go!

The full API is easily a year away from completion but we will share more about it as soon as possible. A single media outlet will be awarded the initial press release so reach out to us about it if interested.

This post is where to find up-to-date info as we complete each phase of the API development.

Walter Hargrave