Thanks for stopping by, we are very glad you are here and now that you are, here is some free and awesome advice:

Whenever you post your videos and songs on sites, be sure to include links to buy the song. Also include UNIQUE short stories about what the song means to you on each site. The unique stories on each site really give your fans a reason to visit each of them. This will also work great in the search engines with more words to find your tunes!

After you post your songs/videos, make a blog post on your site informing your readers that you have included a unique story on each site.

When using multiple Twitter accounts: Create unique Tweets for each account about the topic you are working to promote. Also, tweet them at different times and if you are re-tweeting something, do them at different times as well, doing so will increase your chances to reach different people and it won’t appear so spammy.  This is especially true when a person follows one or more of your accounts!

When re-sharing older posts from your blog, use different sections of the blog post an excerpt to make your social media post more unique.