Texas music veterans, The Prof Fuzz 63 have been nothing short of wild since their 2014 formation. Taking their madness with them on well over 200 shows and tantalizing fans with their antics, and The Fuzz is back at it again this summer. June 15th saw the release of their fourth full-length album Owls, offering fans and new listeners alike a form of reprieve from the current state of the world.

Groovy, lighthearted, and bizarrely addictive, Owls perfectly showcases all of the weird little nuances that we have come to know and love from The Prof Fuzz 63. Opening with the title track of the album, you’ll immediately be roped into the crazy cinematic stories that they’ll tell with each song. And if that asshole Owl doesn’t garnish your attention, maybe the punk rock soccer mom on Adderall will. You truly never know what rabbit, or owl, The Prof Fuzz will pull out next.

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Smashing drums and gritty guitar gives The Prof Fuzz the edge you want from a grungy, rock band and the materials themselves provide nothing but endless entertainment throughout the entirety of the album. Together, this band has worked hard to show that you can be damn good musicians while still not taking yourself (or that asshole owl) too seriously. 

And as if this lo-fi, grunge rocking trio wasn’t impressing you enough with their abilities to keep the FUN in the fundamentals for music, they created a phenomenal coloring book to correspond with the songs in Owls. The band’s own, Sleepy Redhead, carefully crafted beautiful coloring pages to tie together with the lyrics from each song to further drive home every little fun, trippy element throughout the album. 


Grab your coloring book package here for only $5!


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