Wristband Self Promotion

Idea: Use wristbands to help new fans remember your band name and website or email address!

For a while now we were offering up a tip on Twitter that you could purchase a rubber hand stamp that had your bands name or website address. and ask to use it at the door at gigs. It’s a great idea but they were often hard to read. The other day a thought came to mind about the last time we went to a venue and they put a wristband on our wrists to show we purchased a ticket. They were a throw away version and that had no branding. But what if we could find some that offered customization?

So we did some research and found different places that had some but they were too expensive because they are thick and made to last awhile. We wanted to find a product that was more a one time use and therefore cheaper and one that could be customized in a number of ways. A friend of ours introduced us to a better place who had just what we think will work for you!

We suggest creating two(2) versions of wristbands, both are affordable and come in lots of 500 or more. Craft the cheaper of the two bands for use at the venue entrance and if the venue won’t let you use them, hand out the better version during and after they show. Put information on the wristbands like your brand’s logo, Band’s Name, Website or email address!

Once you have crafted your wristbands using the banner ad to your right, ask your gig venues if they would use your wristbands at the door.

Your new wristbands will help your new fans remember your name and find your website!

Neon Blue Ultimate Tyvek Wristbands


Note that we are not doing this to make a profit, but more to introduce a great idea to you while also paying the bills we have accumulated supporting you for free.