Listing Radio Stations

Back Story

Before we get into the topic of listing radio stations, a bit of a story! It all started way back in the year 2000. I was just getting into the independent music scene.  Jody Fadley (RIP) had started a new band called JSR and I wanted to help promote them if I could. was all the buzz then. One thing lead to another and I learned about internet radio stations. This excited me greatly, so I began searching for these radio stations. It was very difficult and tedious to say the least! Many websites were no longer active. Many stations didn’t support independents or the genres of Rock or Alternative Rock, JSR’s sound.

Then the idea of a directory of indie radio stations was born. Compiling a listing of stations that had the qualifications I thought would most benefit the artists. I begin learning HTML and how to setup websites. Fast forward to 2011, the directory found its home here on Indie Music Bus™.

So now that a bit of the backstory has been told, here are Five(5) benefits for listing your radio station here. There are probably many more!

This year, radio stations stopped wanting to list here. Some claimed it was because they wanted to find the music on their own. Okay, yeah I am fine with that. But, just in case there are other reasons and they were just being nice. I decided to write this article on why they should list anyway!


Inform New Artists What to Expect

Indie Radio Submit Logo - Listing Radio StationsWe know much about the difficulties you music directors face when it comes to the music submission process. New artists often get in a hurry and doing so, develop bad habits. Music tracks are often not properly tagged. Explicit lyrics, 8 minute long tracks or genres not supported. Promotional language like they are trying to sell you something. Some artists don’t even spend the time to listen to your station to check the format.

In order to help with this, the top of our directory informs the artists about these things. With the hope that just maybe they will take a moment to read it.

Receive New Listeners

Let’s face it, the reason for radio station’s in the first place is so people will listen!  On the directory itself, we suggest that the artist should listen to each station before submitting. The words “Don’t submit blindly” is bold! Also, random people, artist managers, searching the web sill stumble upon the directory where they will find the Listen Link on every listing. The professionals will definitely listen to make sure their clients are well represented.

Something new we are testing on Twitter is to work at getting more of the fans of the bands we support to become more active at the stations on the directory.

Receive Music Submissions

Our directories have a number one ranking in Google and many others for submitting music to indie radio. This is where most of the traffic is generated, people looking to submit their music. Therefore, you will get plenty of music submissions from your listing. In the future we plan to offer submissions that are pre-screened.

Gain Search Engine Ranking

By simply listing radio stations on the directory, in a short time, each individual radio station’s search engine visibility will increase. If the station has their SEO properly crafted, the results will be even better. Many of the stations on our directory now show in the search results along with our page when they didn’t before!

Free Listing & Promotion

It is always free to list and use our directories and it will of course be well promoted! Promotion will come from 3 different Twitter accounts and two Facebook pages with a total of approx 85k real followers. See us on Twitter @IndieMusicBus @IndieFans @IndieFollowBack @IndMusicMonday @IndieRadioSubmit

Suggest Your Radio Station

Below we have included a form to tell us about your station! Let the artists and listeners know what to expect and what you accept.

Oh, and here is a handy link so you can see the directory we are talking about.



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