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First Annual Band T-Shirt Contest

Band T-Shirt Contest

Indie Music Bus- Band T-Shirt ContestIt’s summer time here in the US, the perfect time to wear band t-shirts! At the beaches with friends during the day, and in the evening, supporting one of your favorite indie bands wearing an indie tee! … Band T-Shirt Contest time …

Starting now and until Thursday August 31, 2017 we will be taking submissions. From the submissions, there will be ten(10) acts chosen for the contest and promotion!

The actual Contest start date will be announced soon and the best way to know when that is, subscribe to our newsletter!

Indie Music Bus will host and sponsor a Band T-Shirt Contest on Twitter every year.


The Pictures

Gather three of your best photos of your band’s t-shirt of choice and prepare to gain major exposure! Here are some ideas, but strive to be creative! Creativity with unique design concepts and promotion strategies will receive more points!

  • Photo with one or more fans wearing your shirt
  • T-Shirt displayed in a unique way
  • Shirts on killer backgrounds


Point Scale – 10 Points Each

  • How well the t-shirt represents your brand
  • Design Uniqueness
  • Social Media Promotion Strategy
  • Three Photo Score
  • Bonus Multiplier: Fan Participation


How Bands Participate

Create a tweet that’s as good as your songs as it will be your submission and hopefully receive shares! Then, submit your tweet and your images for evaluation, we will be in touch if chosen. When the event starts, we will begin posting the contestant’s tweets and images from our @IndieMusicBus Twitter account in random order. IMPORTANT: All tweets relating to the contest must use the hashtag #bandtshirts – The main goals here are to first, HAVE FUN and secondly, for the contest and your photos go viral for the extra exposure.

Fan Participation

To gain a bonus and to increase the chances for a viral event for everyone, re-tweets and other types of spreading the word is suggested. We will reward two(2) fans the t-shirt they are sharing if that band wins! Spread the word with the hashtag #bandtshirt


The Judges

There will be a panel of four (4) judges, three(3) of which will be graphics artists or photographers who work in the music industry and one representative from Indie Music Bus. They will decide who the winning band will be and Indie Music Bus will decide the winning fans.



  1. Band members must be 18+
  2. The t-shirt’s submitted must be available and for sale!
  3. The Band should own the copyright of the Photos submitted
  4. New fan Twitter accounts will NOT be considered. Only real fan shares will be counted in the bonus multiplier. If you buy shares, re-tweets, we will know!

Something Extra

Indie Music Bus will purchase the tees from the winning band as rewards to the winning fans. During the contest, we will be suggesting to purchase some of these fine goods, we don’t mind!


Remember, your submission tweet should be story based not promotional for best results!


Photos should be 5 megs or less please!

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