Exclusive Indie Music Bus

UPDATE: June 4, 2020

We are considering making this a separate part of Indie Music Bus™.  Consider this a “Taste-Maker” part of Indie Music Bus, Music submissions will continue to be accepted!

Exclusive Indie Music Bus

The Indie Music Bus Team is considering making our platform more exclusive! By offering an invitation to a selective few exceptional artists there-by closing the door on public submissions.  On Twitter there are polls asking questions to help us decide. Arguably, these changes will make the platform more valuable to the selected independent artists while attracting fans. Also in the plan is to make content more appealing to the general public. Everything will continue to be FREE of charge!

Why are we considering this? Since the inception of the Indie Music Bus, uncountable hours reviewing submissions in search of acceptable talent to review or feature. The ratio of those accepted are very low, admittedly. And at the end of the day, the platform really hasn’t grown all that much considering the time spent. To date, the platform caters to musicians and because of this, music fan visitors are low.  It’s time to carter more towards the general public and music fans. Reducing our workload is important too, after-all, we do it for free and it will give us more time to write! More fans on the site gives independent music the front seat!

The plan is to use many of the great platforms like Spotify, iTunes and highly rated blog sites to find and send a ticket to ride the Indie Music Bus™.  Who knows, maybe we will discover you one of those platforms!

Future Content Concepts

New possibilities for content include articles about wine, beer, movies, books, as well as music. It could be interesting to describe a music piece as if it were a flavor or a mood or a smell.  Let’s mix it up for entertainment’s sake. People will find the article mentioning the wine and find music too. People on Twitter are suggesting that writing about signed artists might attract more music fans. Really witty people offered that stories about the independent origins of now well known, signed acts might be the way to go.  While we will not offer direct links or free Twitter shares of the major acts’ music or websites, we can share content of by indie artists. Of course new do-it-yourself guides will be available as well. Existing content will be intact and available.

Submit Music Today

Submissions will continue to be accepted until the final decision is made! Maybe you should hurry though! Submit Music Links and Your Story

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