Concept for Music Blogs and Interview Sites

Evolving & Revolving Promotions

Indie Music Bus Promotionsto work together using cross promotions for the good of the artists and each other!

This would also make all brands involved more appealing to the artists!

We want to offer a directory to make it easy to cross promote great talent and content. Each service posts a list of talent they have interviewed, reviewed etc and who they believe worthy of promotion.

  • Two parties offer their list of talent that they believe to be worthy of promotion.
  • Each party would evaluate each others list to find an act to feature, interview, review or whatever the brand’s services are.
  • If both parties can agree on a trade, then they would both do what they do and cross-promote each others resulting content.
  • The site would lock the lists for both parties until both parties come back to mark that the other party did their part. At which time, both parties lists would become live again. (This would have to be thought out a bit more and refined)
  • The service would be free for all parties

If we were to take on an act for promotion in a trade, we would offer an full page profile and a 3000+ word interview on!


Obviously the more services that are involved, the better the chances both parties will find compatible talent to promote and feature.

If enough people like this concept, we would be able to put the site together rather quickly.  Do you think you would be interested in something like this?