Daily #IndieGrowth Hour

Indie Music Bus and #IndieGrowthWhat is #IndieGrowth you ask and why daily? It is something new that we will be testing out on Twitter. An hour long daily Twitter discussion or cross promotion event. The reason for a daily event is to give more people the chance to participate. Let’s face it, not many will be there everyday if any. Topics could be:

  • New music releases
  • Discussion about new trends or services in the industry
  • Ideas for social media and email marketing

Here is how we think it will work:

  • During a specified hour music, industry folks subscribe to the hashtag #IndieGrowth
  • Each participant offer a well crafted relevant Tweet on a predetermined topic
  • Participants should retweet and follow some of the tweets and music industry folks

During these hour long sessions:

  • Promote the concept of networking via social media events
  • Cross promoting relevant information from different aspects of the industry
    • Artists supporting non-artist participants
    • Non-artist participants supporting the artists
  • Develop ways for music fan involvement, like Indie Fan of the Day

It’s our hope that this will foster growth for all involved. Everyone will learn something and have fun doing it. Grow a community of like minded industry folks that will last through the ages!

In the coming days, there will be Twitter polls posted to work out more of the details. With a little work and time, we should have a useful daily event that will foster #IndieGrowth.

To start off, the event will be targeting the United States time zones but later, we may have more events for Canada and the UK too.

See you on Twitter @IndieMusicMus