If you’re anything like me then you can easily get tired of pop music that lacks any sort of deeper meaning. Of course, music should be a place we can escape and run away from our thoughts, but sometimes we need to face them head on in order to move forward. Brooklyn’s own, D.K. Lyons is here to prove that pop music can still have emphatic meaning behind it.

Since the beginning of this year D.K. has been hard at work trying to showcase the years of hard work he’s put in behind the scenes. June 26th saw the release of D.K.’s debut full-length album titled The Past (Romanticized). A love letter to the past penned by Lyons himself, this debut release tackled heartache, loss, and transformational life changes through a rose colored lens. Packed with emotion and talent, The Past (Romanticized) left us eager to see what else was in store for D.K.

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Earlier this month, D.K. dropped a music video for “Sleep With The Lights On” off of The Past (Romanticized). The music video tells a tale of youthful effervescence, showing beautiful people laughing and drinking together at a party, but the song itself shows a much deeper story than that. 

The party fuels on around him, but a neon light shining “Bad Habits” reminds us that our vices are never really that far away. Among all the people and laughter, there can be a profound sense of loneliness as we recognize the relationship we have with our inner demons. 

“While lyrically it’s certainly open to interpretation, this song is actually about being emotionally unfaithful, which I find to be just as complex as being traditionally unfaithful.” – D.K. Lyons

But despite the juxtaposition that D.K. has created, the song itself is as catchy as you could ever desire from an alt-pop song. The hook is bound to end up looping your head for hours after you first listen to it, and that’s the impact an emerging artist needs and D.K. Lyons has it tenfold.

D.K. has been dropping fresh and hot content consistently this year and the remainder of his journey is one you’re going to want to be a part of. 


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