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Having an idea in your mind of what you want to sound like can become so obsessive it can lead to painstaking and extraordinary measures.
The mental recordings that we writers constantly broadcast to ourselves are the most addictive and life altering playlists of them all. Even attempting to write about it, emphasizes just how odd and unfathomable the whole creative process is. Perhaps that’s what appeals to us? Who knows?

So it was because of this obsession that I decided to cut ties with the band I was playing with, which was extremely difficult as I really liked the gDaniel Fallon - Album-cover-the-beginninguys on a personal level. If you have ever been the person who has had to break up a band, you’ll know how gut wrenching a feeling it is. All of my closest friends are those who I’ve played with and been involved in music with in some way. Friendships forged through creativity seem to me to have some sort of extra reinforcement compared to friendships forged in a more casual or random way.

We had only been playing together for about a year but had been making some progress. Nevertheless the sound that existed in my head wasn’t materializing in our shows or recordings, a frustration that just kept building, even keeping me awake (the obsessive idiot that I am)

So I embarked on recording an entire album alone, all instruments, playing each individual drum due to a lack of drumming skills on my part. There was absolutely no ego involved in doing this, and there were times when I pined ( and still do) for the drumming and bass playing of someone much more skilled than I. Not only that, but making the decision to make a trilogy of albums in the same way, no matter what the physical, mental or financial cost may be. Three albums, “The Beginning”, “The Middle” and “The End”, the latter being concrete as I have, or will have by then, ran out of ideas, a concept seldom acknowledged or accepted by artists but most of us have 10 years on average, similar to that of a sportsperson.

To many it will seem like insanity, but I haven’t decided to do this, something inside that is still unknown to me has compelled me to do this. A drive that is driven by an internal drive that is driven by god knows what? If you understand the distinction, you understand it, if you don’t, I hope you can enjoy the music or at least have found interesting this peculiar little window into the complex world of creativity.

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