Collaborative Buzz

Collaborative BuzzCan those that work in the independent industry such as indie radio and music blogger folks work together to help create a larger buzz for indie artists? Many of us in the industry are supportive of the same artists and often at varying times. It would be great for the artist’s if we were all working to create that buzz for a new release at the same time and when it’s in the beginning stages, a collaborative buzz. Much like what a publicist does but charges a lot of money to do it. Most of us are doing these things for free already, how about some teamwork? I have spoken to Ghostly Beard & Ced of independent Music and Media about this over the years. Just an idea at this points but think it’s worth exploring and trying out!

The Process

The artist would only have to submit once per release.

  • Artists submit all materials needed for the release along with the date to start
    • Music Links
    • Images with credits
    • Bio
    • Backing Story
    • Purchase Links
    • Social Links
    • Or an already established EPK Site Link
  • Artists ready to buzz can be made available to the team network via one or more:
    • Email/Weekly Newsletter
    • RSS Feed
    • Public Webpage

Hosting the Service

Indie Music Bus can front the cost and time for managing this service but it doesn’t have to be us.

Team Players

Would love to hear your thoughts! Would you want to be a part of something like this? There is a form and comment box below!