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Official Indie Music Bus imbChat #imbChat

#imbChat Welcome to the official page for our Indie Music Bus Twitter Chats imbChat. These chats should grow a community of musicians and supporters. You can see previous chats here. Chats on Tuesday and Friday 6PM EDT | 3PM PDT | 5PM CDT | 11PM BST  Two chats Saturday [ 10AM EDT | 9AM CDT | 7AM PDT | 3PM BST ] and [ 6PM EDT | 3PM PDT | 5PM CDT | 11PM BST ]  Next chat is Friday 5/25  Topic #onlinestreaming Be notified via our [...]

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How to Book Your Own Tours DIY @ROCassataMusic

by Ryan Cassata I booked my first tour, completely DIY style, when I was 15 years old. I wasn’t well-known at all in the music world and I didn’t have a big following, so there was no guarantee that I would pack out venues with screaming fans. All I had at the time were some videos of me performing live on YouTube. That was key, because venues could hear what I actually sounded like live without any vocal effects or edits. HOW DID I BOOK THIS [...]

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Advice from Whiplash PR & Management @Whiplashpr

Whiplash PR & Management   Introduction How do I take over 20 years of experience and mistakes and boil everything down to a blog. I started to think about where I spend most of my time these days when discussing press campaigns with potential clients and it all comes down to education. Most bands really have no idea what a publicist does and when they should hire a publicist. Plus, there are blogs on every site imaginable telling you what you HAVE to do to [...]

Greater Success Selling Your Music & Merch

Do Less Actual Promotion In this short article, i'll give a few tips on how to have greater success selling your music and merchandise. Too many artists out there in social media land use promotional type language trying to sell their wares. Also, sharing music directly with someone as an introduction will most often fail. The general public is becoming deaf to all the noise out there! Ever notice that on TV or radio station shows, there is a great personality doing them? People often [...]

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Make it sound startling right from the beginning

by Elijah Kuttikhen - professional Audio Engineer, online mixing and mastering studio owner, tutor. Somebody of the great personalities said: “Record like there is no mixing, mix like there is no mastering.” To my mind, it’s impossible to say more precisely! In this article, I’m trying to give some tips to bedroom producers on what they should do and how they shouldn’t approach the process of composing in order to achieve an ideal track sound already from an early stage. And what I’d like to start [...]

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Gain New Fans with Custom Wristbands Affordably

Wristband Self Promotion Idea: Use wristbands to help new fans remember your band name and website or email address! For a while now we were offering up a tip on Twitter that you could purchase a rubber hand stamp that had your bands name or website address. and ask to use it at the door at gigs. It's a great idea but they were often hard to read. The other day a thought came to mind about the last time we went to a venue [...]

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Team Work is Key

Hello and welcome! Most of you already know that sooner or later you will come to the point when you will need a team to make it in the new music business.  Artist's need to spend most of their time being creative writing songs and music, then on to recording the hits! Of course you will have say over everything going on but team work is key to a really successful release. While you work on that, your team can document interesting things [...]

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Why Won’t People Listen to Your Music

So I have been reading a lot of music business books lately and one of the very useful pieces of information I learned from one of them I would like to share with you. On social media I see most acts work at promoting their latest master piece by telling everyone the name of the album and all the places to pick it up. Most music fans don't really care to hear about that. They hear it everywhere from so many that it all becomes [...]

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