Five Benefits From Listing Radio Stations With Us

Listing Radio Stations Back Story Before we get into the topic of listing radio stations, a bit of a story! It all started way back in the year 2000. I was just getting into the independent music scene.  Jody Fadley (RIP) had started a new band called JSR and I wanted to help promote them if I could. MP3.com was all the buzz then. One thing lead to another and I learned about internet radio stations. This excited me greatly, so I began searching for [...]

Indie Newsletter – Premium Subscription

Indie Newsletter Indie Newsletter will be a monthly publication that will hopefully foster growth for the artists, writers and the platform. It will be available via a small yearly subscription fee or ads. Profits will be split between the writers after the site costs are paid. Indie Music Bus with take 10%. Content about music, art, books and even games are possible.   Newsletter Columns We are thinking some of the columns could be: Bloggers Corner, General Music News, Marketing, Gig and Other [...]

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First Annual Band T-Shirt Contest

Band T-Shirt Contest It's summer time here in the US, the perfect time to wear band t-shirts! At the beaches with friends during the day, and in the evening, supporting one of your favorite indie bands wearing an indie tee! ... Band T-Shirt Contest time ... Starting now and until Thursday August 31, 2017 we will be taking submissions. From the submissions, there will be ten(10) acts chosen for the contest and promotion! The actual Contest start date will be announced soon and the best [...]

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Daily #IndieGrowth Hour – Independent Music

Daily #IndieGrowth Hour What is #IndieGrowth you ask and why daily? It is something new that we will be testing out on Twitter. An hour long daily Twitter discussion or cross promotion event. The reason for a daily event is to give more people the chance to participate. Let's face it, not many will be there everyday if any. Topics could be: New music releases Discussion about new trends or services in the industry Ideas for social media and email marketing Here is how we think [...]

Submit Music Links and Your Story

Submit Music Links At the end of this article you will find a form to submit music links for a few of the streaming services you might want us to use for our visit.  If we decide to add your music to our sharing engine, you'll receive mentions via @IndieFans with the song titles and links. Opportunity For Free Promotion It's been awhile since we have accepted music submissions directly but feel it's time to offer it again. So starting now, we are opening up [...]

Guest Author Articles for Music Artists – Pay Possible

Guest Author For the month of July 2017 we are offering a few writers to guest author articles here at Indie Music Bus™ If you are able to offer your work on the article free, then you can place your own sales pitches and website links into the article and republish the work. If you would like to be paid, we can talk over the terms then. Below I will list some of the topics we are interested in but you may have an idea [...]

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Public Music Submissions Directory

Public Music Submissions Directory Wouldn't it be cool if when you submitted your music listing? others could see it too? Well soon that will be possible right here at Indie Music Bus™.  A new idea we are developing, submit music to us and have the offer to also list it publicly on a directory for others to review. The Public Music Submissions Directory will be free to use if you wish. There will also be sharing features in place at the page and artist listing [...]

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Evolving & Revolving Promotions

Concept for Music Blogs and Interview Sites Evolving & Revolving Promotions to work together using cross promotions for the good of the artists and each other! This would also make all brands involved more appealing to the artists! We want to offer a directory to make it easy to cross promote great talent and content. Each service posts a list of talent they have interviewed, reviewed etc and who they believe worthy of promotion. Two parties offer their list of talent that they believe to [...]

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Indie Radio Submit Directory Updated and New Features

Indie Radio Submit Directory Hello everyone, today I am here to tell you about some cool new features we've added to our Indie Radio Directory. Put in two days of programming and data entry time to actually add a database back-end and an editor, we were editing  the directory by hand. Added New Stations Removed Closed Stations Added Grouping Sections by genre With these changes, it has enabled us to "Group" by genre and randomly sort the stations in each group every time [...]

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Open Interview for Radio Owners, Managers and Presenters

Thanks for taking time to visit. Consider answering these questions at your leisure. Some or all of your questions may be used in an article that we will publish and promote along with your Twitter handle. We will use the information we gain from your answers in Project: Indie Music Bus Tell us about your station's format and the genre's you support. Who make up the majority of the listeners on your station? Do you have difficulties in finding music to fit your station? What percentage [...]

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