Evolving & Revolving Promotions

Concept for Music Blogs and Interview Sites Evolving & Revolving Promotions to work together using cross promotions for the good of the artists and each other! This would also make all brands involved more appealing to the artists! We want to offer a directory to make it easy to cross promote great talent and content. Each service posts a list of talent they have interviewed, reviewed etc and who they believe worthy of promotion. Two parties offer their list of talent that they believe to [...]

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Trade Links with Indie Music Bus

Link With Indie Music Bus We are always doing something for someone else but today it's only fair that we do something for ourselves. In the end it will NOT be one-sided, because we are returning the favor! Would you consider placing one of our logo's on your site and link it back to one of our sites? If you decide to do so, let us know and we will return the favor and possibly link one of your sites in return here on Indie [...]

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Indie Music Bus and 2017

Hello everyone, Just a quick update this time: It has been awhile we know, it has been a crazy year and will be glad to move on to the new year with new goals and plans. Our main focus will be building our Official Indie Music Monday brand features. Our first goal has already been reached by finding our editor and content writer Candice Anne Marshall.  She will be doing interviews, music reviews and other writing for the artists on the platform. Candice is an [...]

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Ride the Indie Music Bus

Welcome to Indie Music Bus™ the place to find opportunities for your band or solo project. Many things are in the works here at Indie Music Bus and here are some of the things you will find on the site (our own and others): Internet Radio Stations Music Bloggers Interviews Music Reviews Song Placements Social Media Promotion Cross-Promotion Independent Labels How to Ride the Indie Music Bus™ Ride the Indie Music Bus So how does one submit music to us? You don’t have to is [...]

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