We received an email about new music by Broken Romeo from James Turpin and we had a short back and forth impromptu “interview” about happenings during the pandemic. James also sent in a preview of Cobra Woman and after listening to it, I offered to put it up on the radio station!  We hope you all dig it as much as I did! Note: The radio station music player is in the footer of this page, maybe you’ll catch it!

And now, here is most of our little chat :

Has the pandemic changed the way you guys live and work day jobs or together? I know for us, we are working from home now and hope we can continue to do so for the long haul.

My brother and I have working remotely for many years so that part didn’t change much. Every day life certainly did! The band took several months off when Covid hit so that really limited what we could do.

Tell us a little about the making of Cobra Woman and any new material. Do you guys do your own production, recording and mastering?

Broken Romeo 2021We do everything in house except for the Mastering. We have been using the same mastering guy for years. Steve pretty much acts as our engineer. Matt uses a digital drum set to record his drums which is very cool. All in all it allows us the freedom to do whatever we want musically, sonically and lyrically without being on the clock!

The new songs all revolve around the bands experiences and feelings during the pandemic. The new song “Cobra Woman” is about us going to have pre-practice drinks at a place called the Cobra Arcade and our experiences there. We are recording and releasing the songs one at a time like we did for our “Side One” album.

Cobra Arcade, is that in Phoenix or Tucson? Any of you guys pool sharks?

Tucson.. o there isn’t a pool table there.. just a cool bar with a bunch of TVs playing Netflix stuff.. and a bunch of old video games like the arcades of the 80s…

Is it always the band mates that are there with you? I guess you are into sports on the TV there too? How about rivalries with the band mates?

Usually always the whole band. No real rivalries.. Matt (the drummer) and I are big NFL fans.. we both like each others teams.. the other 2 guys (Steve & Ari) aren’t much into to sports!

Cool, are any of you into those games?

I used to be into games like Star Wars, Tron and Dragon’s Lair back in the day! Now a days we are more into the cocktails! 🙂

Do you plan to gig with some of the new material in the local area? Has anyone around your parts heard any of the new stuff yet?

Hoping to.. We haven’t played since the pandemic shutdown live events all together. None of these songs have been played in front of an audience yet but I am hoping to soon! The making of this album is a totally dynamic process. The songs are all created during rehearsal. Usually Steve will bring in some cool guitar riffs or chord progressions and the band will try and build a song around it. It’s really worked well for us vs. someone bringing in more or less a finished song idea like we have done in the past. We have about 3-4 songs that already have the bass and drums recorded so we are trying to crank those out as we go. The next song we are putting the finishing touches on is called “Revolution”. It’s a special song in the fact that we have invited a good friend who has played with some bands we really respect to sing with me. It’ll be the first true duet Broken Romeo has ever put out. I’m very excited for how it will turn out. We hope to have that one done in August or September.

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