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 Soundwaves Review Logo
Editor: Darcia

Soundwaves Review
We blog about all music that's not-quite-rock, such as singer-songwriter and folk. We're a review team that loves and supports independent music of all kinds. Soundwaves Review concentrates on music that doesn't quite fit into the 'rock' genre, but we avoid the mainstream top 40 pop getting too much radio play.

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Progressive Zen Logo

Jenna Cocozziello
Progressive Zen

Album reviews and interviews with independent and big-time musicians

Progressive Zen is a website and blog dedicated to reviewing albums from musicians, as well as interviewing the musicians. The musicians on the website come from a wide variety: punk, rock, metal, the unknown artists, or the greatest in the world.

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We Close Tonight Logo

We Close Tonight

London-based unsigned, independent indie blog aimed at giving unsigned artists the coverage they deserve, WCT is combined of reviews, interviews and regular features to get your music heard.

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24Our Music Logo
Justin Everest

24Our Music

We provide a commercial image for indie artist from around the world.

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Digital Earbuds Logo
Bob Crabtree

Digital Earbuds

Put in your earbuds to enjoy the sounds and stories from the artists and their music.

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Indie Nation Logo
John D. Lemke

Indie Nation

We blog and podcast about indie music, tech news and geek stuff.We mostly focus on indie music and tech news. We also have a pretty good following from gamers so some of our podcasts are game oriented.

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Sophie is a UK based music blog with a focus on new and alternative sounds. Features include What Track, What Band and What Gig, all amongst a dabble of rambles.

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Kat Coffin Logo
Kat Coffin

Indie Music Examiner

am an Orlando, FL based freelance writer. I have done profiles of musicians, live show reviews, and CD reviews for both print and on line publications. I am always looking for more bands to write about.
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Name: Tiffany

A Bristol, UK based music website and magazine. is a UK music blog and website providing music reviews, features and interviews. DrunkenWerewolf Magazine is a free cutting edge Bristol-centric music publication that covers local and touring acts, promoting Bristol as a destination for the arts and music.
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Radio Logo
Chancy Johnson

Out of the Woodwork

Out of the Woodwork is a feature website whose mission is to promote positive, talented artists who have not yet become "household names". Bringing the best of positive new artists into the public eye.

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Krazed Mag

Reviews, recommendations and ramblings on UK indie music and from elsewhere as well. Please include a bio, press-shots and cover art. Selection of submissions is at Krazed Mag's discretion.

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John Kuzara

Kuzaradar (koo-zar-radar)

Blog about new artists and reviews (albums and gigs). If you are a new artist who would like a bit more exposure then get in touch! If you'd like an interview/gig review done too then I will feature it on the site!
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All-genre music blog covering album & single reviews, news, and interviews. Music and overall entertainment site covering album & single reviews, news, interviews, & videos. Don't forget your mailing address if submitting physical releases.

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Record Rewind Play Logo
Lenny Valentino

Record Rewind Play

I write about new indie/ alternative/ indie-pop/ whatever/look-i-just-like-interesting-music releases and the music that's sound tracked my life. I write about what I love; I love what I write about
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The Dutch Guy's Blog Logo
The Dutch Guy

The Dutch Guy's Blog
For the love of music! The Dutch Guy is a 20+ year (inter)national radio veteran, who founded his blog to give independent musicians a chance to get discovered by featuring music videos and Q&As at least three times a week. Drop me a line, Anytime!

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The Pavoh Blog Logo
Laura Lamere

The Pavoh Blog

We write about indie musicians under the age of 21 ONLY! Fill our our form and we'll respond with our short list of interview questions. Please list all members of your group with ages.

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Indie News at Noon Logo
Mark & Rich
Anchor & Co-Anchor
Indie News at Noon

A brief, weekly newscast focused on all things indie, from music to film and books. Airs Wednesdays at Noon EST on Butterflies Radio
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Free, honest music reviews

MarsBands writes reviews for Independent bands and musicians who "wow" us with their music. We also actively promote them on Twitter and Facebook. Submit your music for a possible review! Follow us on Twitter and get a @mention each week!

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Radio Logo
MuzicNotez Crew

MuzicNotez is an independent music magazine, social network, PR Team and more! We love indie music and work everyday to expose it worldwide. MuzicNotez Magazine is a source for all indie music news and recommendations to succeed in this industry. Hit us up!

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Never Enough Notes Logo
Kimberley-Marie Sklinar


New music news, reviews, downloads and more on this UK-based online magazine

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Anchor Music News Logo
Anchor Music News

News/Blog Site

We Like Music! The Anchor Music News is your place to hear about new music! We seek out the best so you don’t have to.

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