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I am the owner at Indie Music Bus and Indie Music Monday and you might have guessed that I love independent music!

Ride Indie Music Bus

Ride the Indie Music Bus NOTE: There are major changes coming to Indie Music Bus and this document will be updated- Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay in the loop! There are five requirements to ride Indie Music Bus to receive long-term promotion and exclusive features: Be an independent musician or band Have music available to stream online Follow Indie Music Bus on Twitter Subscription to our artist Newsletter Our belief in you Hello, I am Walter Hargrave and I proudly drive and maintain the [...]

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Major Changes Coming to Indie Music Bus

Major Changes Why major changes? It's time to make Indie Music Bus more than just a learning, music sharing and interview platform. It's time to work with a much smaller roster of artists who can reciprocate and support us and others. Of course DIY tips and interviews will stay on but new service types will have to be developed. These new service types will make Indie Music Bus more useful on a daily/weekly basis. Addition: 5/24/18 One of the difficulties I have is getting in [...]

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Official Indie Music Bus imbChat #imbChat

#imbChat Welcome to the official page for our Indie Music Bus Twitter Chats imbChat. These chats should grow a community of musicians and supporters. You can see previous chats here. Chats on Tuesday and Friday 6PM EDT | 3PM PDT | 5PM CDT | 11PM BST  Two chats Saturday [ 10AM EDT | 9AM CDT | 7AM PDT | 3PM BST ] and [ 6PM EDT | 3PM PDT | 5PM CDT | 11PM BST ]  Next chat is Friday 5/25  Topic #onlinestreaming Be notified via our [...]

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Pinned Tweet: Pinup Artist Promotion

Pinup Artist Promotion Firstly, thank you to all who participated in this promotion so far and it's fantastic to see! This is all about networking with your fellow artist.  Note: Everyone who has participated and not been promoted, still has a chance to be chosen for the next event. We are keeping track of you all! If you would like to see your submission it's here. If you do not see your submission, let us know! This week it's Christina Taylor @ChristinaTMusic "Don't Look Good In [...]

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Receive Music Submissions for Radio, Blog, Podcast

Your about to find out how to Receive Music Submissions Introduction Hello, my name is Walter and I am the founder and developer here at Indie Music Bus™. Indie Music Bus has a small team of super fans that work with independent music creators and supporters for free. Are main goal is to help everyone in the music industry who really cares about the artist more than themselves. The Offer Today, I am looking to expand a couple of our free to use directories. The directories [...]

Indie Music Force: Music Requests, Charts, Fun for Fans

Music Requests This is a rough draft and subject to change some. These features are exclusively available to those on our promotion roster. Also read about Indie Music Force Central Behind the scenes I have been working on the concepts and features for a new Twitter Bot called Indie Music Force. You can send commands to the Indie Music Force Bot because it is a listening software. It’s main purpose for now is Music Requests, so it only has a single command, which I will list later. The command [...]

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Interview with Jack Ottman of @Minds

Picking the Brains at Minds an Interview with Jack Ottman of Minds   Let us start off with how this idea for Minds came to be? Did you already own the domain name beforehand and then decide what to do with it or vice-versa? Minds was created with the goal of bringing a free and open-source social network to the that is truly built by the people and for the people. It actually started as “Gathering of the Minds” with more of a real-life, meetup-style [...]

Advice from Whiplash PR & Management @Whiplashpr

Whiplash PR & Management   Introduction How do I take over 20 years of experience and mistakes and boil everything down to a blog. I started to think about where I spend most of my time these days when discussing press campaigns with potential clients and it all comes down to education. Most bands really have no idea what a publicist does and when they should hire a publicist. Plus, there are blogs on every site imaginable telling you what you HAVE to do to [...]

Independent Musical Artist Stories

Introduction Over the years, many of you, thousands, have submitted your musical artist stories, including from our Indie Music Monday platform, along with your bio's and music. The other day I was thinking, man, many of these stories are really good! Then I got to thinking that it might be a good idea to share some of them with our readers. So, I have written some code to extract them all from the submissions so that I may go over them and pick out a [...]

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Submit Music Links and Your Story

Submit Music This is the place to submit music to us for long term promotion and/or other opportunities. Interested, read on! Opportunities For Free Promotion There are five(5) requirements for our free promotion: Follow @IndieMusicBus on Twitter No Major Label Have Streamable Music Subscribe to our artist newsletter Our Belief in you! We are offering the opportunity for free social media promotions via our Twitter engine. The promotion will be of your music track title, links and sometimes your website. The other is for a week [...]