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I am the owner at Indie Music Bus, Indie Habit, Indie Greats and Indie Music Monday and you might have guessed that I love independent music!

Online Only Musician Community Building

Online Only Musicians Walter Hargrave We conducted a poll on Twitter and found that many of you are online only musicians. Building an online fan-base can also be a struggle. In-light of this information we decided to help. It will take some time for us all to work out the details. Let's do that together, let's define how this will work. This article will grow as things are worked out. Community Building Since all your fans will also be online, we will work [...]

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Ride Indie Music Bus

Ride the Indie Music Bus There are four requirements to ride Indie Music Bus to receive long-term promotion and exclusive features: Be an independent musician or band Have music available to stream online Follow Indie Music Bus on Twitter Our belief in you Hello, I am Walter Hargrave and I proudly drive and maintain the Indie Music Bus!   What Indie Music Bus Is A brand name and acronym “IMB” A metaphor for a vehicle to support independent music A software that is the engine [...]

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Working to Make It Interview with Kassidy Lynne

Kassidy won this interview on one of our contests on Twitter and I must say, she is rather an impressive young lady! We are very glad we choose her and will be keeping an eye on her career! Kassidy Lynne: Hello! Thank you for the interview! I've been following you on Twitter for a while now, so I am super excited to be doing an interview with you. I am having a wonderful day! Life is good and I am super excited to be going to [...]

Interview with the King of Cool, Dr Jimmy Star

Interview with the King of Cool, Dr Jimmy Star   Hello Jimmy, how are you man? I am fantastic, thanks for asking and the interview.   IMB: We’ve known each other awhile now and even done a few projects together a couple of years back.  But for our readers who may not know you, tell us a bit about yourself and your interest’s in the music industry. Jimmy: I am a huge music lover and supporter of indie music, television and film. I host the [...]

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Press About Indie Music Bus These musicians, bands and media sites who have written about the Indie Music Bus. From simple blog posts to news articles.. It is a proud moment at Indie Music Bus™ our own Walter Hargrave was interviewed by Eileen Shapiro eileen shapiro for the Huffington Post and we will be forever grateful! As the driver of the Indie Music Bus, with all of the Indie artists out there now, Walter Hargrave has a long and fascinating [...]

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Your Music in Our Free Services Promotion Video

Your Music - Our Video The plan is to have a 30 second video made that will contain the information below. We will not be using the video for commercial use. It will be our Official Free Services Promotion video for life! In other words, it will be used on our website and in some social media posts that promote our free services only. The Video The video will contain the information below with graphics of some kind. There will be a "Music by: Artist Name [...]

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Pinned Tweet: Pinup Artist Promotion

Pinup Artist Promotion Luke Boyce @lukedavidbmusic is our first Pinup Artist for a week! Follow the instructions below to get your chance! Participate by liking the currently pinned tweet and then express an opinion, advice, or whatever you feel appropriate in support of the artist/band in a comment on the Tweet itself. Participation is how you get your chance to be the next pinup artist! Let's build a community of support and caring in this industry.   NOTE: We will be checking your music out [...]

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Participate: Sticky Tweet Contests & Promotions

Sticky Tweet Contests Hello! Some of you may have noticed or even participated in our last contest on Twitter. Our first Sticky Tweet (pinned tweet) Promotion Contest was for two bands or solo musicians to win interviews. It went so well we have decided to do them more often. In order for you to know about these contests, you should visit our Twitter account often to see our pinned tweet. Sticky Tweet Promotion The main idea is to build a community around these contests and [...]

Five Benefits From Listing Radio Stations With Us

Listing Radio Stations Back Story Before we get into the topic of listing radio stations, a bit of a story! It all started way back in the year 2000. I was just getting into the independent music scene.  Jody Fadley (RIP) had started a new band called JSR and I wanted to help promote them if I could. was all the buzz then. One thing lead to another and I learned about internet radio stations. This excited me greatly, so I began searching for [...]

First Annual Band T-Shirt Contest

Band T-Shirt Contest It's summer time here in the US, the perfect time to wear band t-shirts! At the beaches with friends during the day, and in the evening, supporting one of your favorite indie bands wearing an indie tee! ... Band T-Shirt Contest time ... Starting now and until Thursday August 31, 2017 we will be taking submissions. From the submissions, there will be ten(10) acts chosen for the contest and promotion! The actual Contest start date will be announced soon and the best [...]

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