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April Rose Gabrielli rules her destiny. She has total command over her voice and her life!

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Indie Music Bus, celebrating its 10th successful year in independent music support on the internet, is a super-fan of Gabrielli, and supports quality independent music on its platform.  All agree, April Rose Gabrielli, was a rising star when she was heard on IMB in 2018.   Since then, she has been making all the right connections and the best of business decisions. She receives lots of help! As any artist will tell you, a team effort is required!

From the moment she could breath air it began! Singing, writing poetry, learning about all the things she loved, entertaining so many along the way. You could say she has been sculpting her path to this moment for personal success. Her social activities and interactions during childhood sharpened her foundations for creativity. She learned how to focus her talent. Her bouquet of college classes where selected to refine her natural abilities allowing for the best possible success for April to create her new brand on the world.

During April’s college years and after earning her business degree from Pace University in 2015, April donated her personal time and energy to further her favorite causes and charities.  Whether acting as chairwoman, entertainer, April is always an active participant.  She loves to champion humanitarian causes and human liberties by just being there and lending a hand. April is beginning her solo career as a signed independent musician with Soho Records with BMG The New Music Company as publisher.  Her next appearance will be at “The Bitter End” where she will perform her originals, including “Do You?”, and set her name in stone on the historic walls of the oldest rock and roll club in New York City!  You have to love the irony of a great beginning at “The Bitter End”.

Questions and research by Walter and Darlene Hargrave

Indie Music Bus Interview – ‘Do You?’  By April Rose Gabrielli

IMB: I have read that you really are smart as a whip. We all know you can write deep and meaningful lyrics. You play the hell out of some keys. You are doing well starting out in the music business. You have amazing vocal skills and range, so tell us Miss Gabrielli, how is it so? How is it that you are so good at all these things? Did you have schooling, or training in any of these things? Tell us all you can, we really want to know!

That is super nice, and I really appreciate all of your kind words. I love what I do and that really helps me stay dedicated and disciplined to getting better and learning all that I can. It feels good to be called ‘smart’ because I never felt that I succeeded in a traditional academic setting without a fight, in fact I was often busy writing poetry and songs during class when I would lose track of what was going on during middle school and high school (would not necessarily recommend) but at least I was productive. The first time I played piano in front of any of my peers I was stuck in lunch detention that was being held in the middle school chorus room. My mother, father and brother are also insanely creative, musical, and intellectual so I was always lifted up at home and I have had a supportive audience (and collaborators) for as long as I can remember. So, before I sang or played outside of my house, I thought everyone just had this in their lives just like they brush their hair or wake up in the morning.

I have been singing since age four and took lessons for about ten years. I started writing poetry, songs, producing music and musicals at age twelve… kind of by accident, it just felt so good. I also was fortunate enough to have great English, creative writing, music, and drama teachers that I learned a lot from along the way… I never got lost in those subjects. By my last half of senior year of high school, out of eight periods I was in three writing and three music classes.

In college, I skipped around a few different majors and toyed around with quitting almost every day. But eventually I found my people and graduated with a business degree in four years with the help and encouragement of my most favorite Professor, Chris Ramos. He actually made me feel like I had a fighting chance in the real world as a business woman and a creator although I was not a traditional student by any means. He was also extremely supportive of my band and creative endeavors outside of school – so they didn’t feel like such a crime when I expressed interest in them.

Post college, I have been making more of an effort to continue my education as I realize that it is truly a privilege to have been educated at all. My friends and loved ones have continued to teach me about music, writing, how to produce, how to be a better business woman and so much more. During COVID I took an incredible online writing/poetry class with a super human poet – Ebony Stewart.

Regarding my voice, people either love it or hate it. I love to sing because I have a lot of pent up anger and emotion that I can’t get out of doing anything else. That’s why I like to be loud. When I can’t sing, I listen to music. I am obsessive, I think I’ve spent thousands of hours in my rooms growing up just singing, expanding my range, pushing myself and burning myself out to the last note. I don’t really know where it comes from, but it is my absolute favorite thing to do in this world and I genuinely believe it’s kept me alive and focused through the best and worst of times.


From the day I pondered the name of the first act I heard you perform in, “The Rose Monarch” I have felt that you were the leader. Or that you had to lead, but it is difficult to do that in a band. Now, you are going solo, and things are looking bright. I know there has not been a whole lot of time as a solo act yet but, are there times when you miss the group setting?

The Rose Monarch

The Rose Monarch

Whether it looks this way or not, The Rose Monarch is truly a group of five musical leaders and that is what’s so unique about the project. I can’t comfortably take credit for leading entirely as everyone truly leads in their own areas in different ways, you can hear that in the music. We’ve been a couple of bands together throughout many years, too and even still it’s evolving. But no matter what, it’s always an absolute blast when we get together. I am just the lead singer and occasional songwriter of that band. The guys have been entirely responsible for recording all of the most recent songs in the basement where it all started and it really speaks to their technical and production ingenuity. Over the years, I’ve learned just about my entire musical vocabulary from working with the group. I really miss seeing the guys as much as I used to (I relocated last year) but I speak with them almost every day in the most incredibly entertaining and hilarious group chat that exists. Plus, the drummer/songwriter of TRM is my little brother (so I see him a bit more than the others) and Kevin Eiserman (guitarist) has been essential in helping produce and write the songs for my new project. He is the first person I sent “Do You?” and he made me feel like it was worth showing someone… and he told me it needed a chorus. After all, that’s what friends are for.

With that being said, regarding a group setting – my “solo” project has conjured up the biggest team of people I’ve ever worked with on a singular task. It’s pretty cool.


From our perspective, it seems like you have so much coming up in your new solo career, going solo in the first place, signing a record deal, getting major help with distribution of your new works and more. How did this all come to be? Was it the right place, right time situation or something else? Tell us about your new professional relationship with SoHo Records and your deal with BMG.

I’ve been working on meeting the right people and forming the right professional networks for about 10-11 years. I’ve worked with a lot of people, but I’ve had the most success and forward motion since I’ve signed with my amazing manager, music industry veteran, John Velasco. I’ve always loved being an indie musician and was never super interested in handing over anything to any manager, label or publisher, but John, Soho Records and BMG publishing (Kate Hyman A&R) fit right into my workflow and super powered it. We’ve been working together for about two years now to make my debut release the strongest it could possibly be!!

SOHO Records, a premier American independent record label company of great renown, founded in 2001 by “Born in NYC”  SoHo Johnny, (that’s 20 years in the business, people) ensures the artist is heard by publishing the material in all the right places to ensure the best opportunity for successful fan following.  SOHO is fun to say, but that’s not how it survived the past decades.

“BMG Music publishing recordings, licensing and more. BMG provides “World class create services” with “The strength of a major, the passion and commitment of an indie.” BMG wants to be the best international music company and they will be because that are dedicated to their services in support of the artist, the copyright material and ensures clients are paid accurately.

What does an “exclusive” deal with BMG mean?

I signed a publishing deal that commits half of my publishing to BMG and BMG only, instead of additionally working with other music publishers.

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Your new song, “Do You?” is about to drop on the world! Without having heard it yet, from the title alone, and even though it is presented as a question, I have a feeling it goes along the lines of going for your solo career and “Being You” or “Do You!” Am I off the mark? Tell us about the making of it and maybe it’s inspiration.

You’re on the right track for sure! I use the words “Do You” in a few different ways! I ask the question of “Do You.. see how I feel? Know how I work? Look at me this way, too?” and write about how I often say, hey just “Do You, babe.” In the scenarios in detail throughout the song, they all carry the subtext of finding, fearing and needing love although I’ll never really come out and say it. I am the queen of subtext… I have recently become a bit better at being more communicative. I would highly recommend it.



To me it feels like you are holding this powerful remote control, and when you press the buttons, great things happen in your life. So, which button are you pressing next? What are your plans after this music release? Are there gigs or tours upcoming you want to tell us all about?

That’s a great perspective. The next button I am pressing is: “healthy,” followed by “happy.” I am happy to report I have a ton of great events coming up, including a show at The Bitter End in NYC on July 23 & Times Square on July 29. Also, opening for Kulick in September & a few more awesome unannounced dates through the end of the year!


I see that you also create and sell paintings, is that something you think you will get to continue with now that you are about to blow up?

I will always create as much as humanly possible because it really fuels and heals me. It’s what I do in my spare time. As much as I’d like to be completely consumed by work, it’s important that I keep balanced for my health… I’m still working on that. I wish I had one hundred lives to dedicate to being a ton of different things that I love. I would love to be a full-time painter, poet, chef, therapist, hair stylist, UFC fighter, yogi, game show host, teacher and a ton of other things I cannot think of at the moment. But I am passionate about so many things, so I am hoping to let the world in on all of my interests as I get to know more people. I have a poetry/crude illustration book in the works in addition to my debut EP, album and other singles and I like to design all of my own album artwork and music videos… so I’ll most definitely be continuing!




April Rose Gabrielli on The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell 7/21/2021

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