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Whiplash PR & ManagementHow do I take over 20 years of experience and mistakes and boil everything down to a blog. I started to think about where I spend most of my time these days when discussing press campaigns with potential clients and it all comes down to education. Most bands really have no idea what a publicist does and when they should hire a publicist. Plus, there are blogs on every site imaginable telling you what you HAVE to do to make it, or what you NEED to have before you outsource a publicist. Most, well 99% are wrong. It is confusing to most because of all the options out there: social media consultant, brand expert, radio rep, video marketing, tour manager, booking agent, music publisher and the list goes on and on. Well, I am about to make things, hopefully, a bit easier for you.

National Publicist

The first hire for any indie artist or band is usually a national publicist. With a national publicist, the band only needs a digital mastered file of the music, some artwork or a good photo to start. You see, national press outlets don’t care about your social media or if you have a gig or tour. They don’t ask about radio or air-play. The editors and reviewers who I work with on a weekly basis from American Songwriter, No Depression & Dusted to Popmatters, Relix, Paste & Lemonade Magazine care about one thing ONLY. The music and the artists behind the music. That’s right. You don’t need to have a 10 city tour, you definitely do not need a manager or a lawyer (that would actually scare them away), don’t need terrestrial radio adds… None of that comes into play. Later, down the road.. video and radio ‘on’airs’ etc. But, its down the road.

National Press

You see, when you get national press, you are creating a press kit, a foundation for yourself and your band, you are validating your music. When a national publicist takes you on, no one knows about you, no one [in the industry that matters] cares about you until that publicist who has the relationships has them listen and then review/interview you. Once you have national press, then getting local press is much easier, of course. The reason we do nationals first is because bookers, publishers, industry people want to see that major magazines think you are great, web zines like Oh My Rockness, Delusions Of Adaquacy, The Deli Magazine, Pitchfork think you are amazing and so on.

Whiplash PR & ManagementMonth a June Deal!

Whiplash PR & Management gets Down & Dirty with their new pr quickie we affectionately call: “The Down & Dirty”

Whiplash PR & Management will hit their 22nd year milestone this month. One of the original ‘indie publicists’, they have worked with over 3,000 bands, record labels, songwriters serving the indie music community from USA to South Africa, Europe, South Korea, Australia, Canada.

Our newest campaign is called the ”THE DOWN & DIRTY” and it is affordable, cost effective, extremely targeted press campaign that we have been trying out since last year to rave results and reviews. Flat rate: $900.00.

“The WPM team are by far the best pr agency I have ever worked with. They raised the bar for what I expect from a campaign. For independent artists, it can be really difficult to get traction in today’s media landscape. They are passionate and focused, and they get results.” –CHRIS MULVEY -PALE MONSTERS

The Whiplash team are a force to be reckoned with in the best way possible! , they are thorough, precise, and will never waste your time. She’s a badass” – DOC FELL & CO.

“The Whiplash team are simply the best; they produce real and immediate results; hard to find a more experienced and tenacious PR company and impossible to find one this impressive for the special ‘down and dirty’ package. Amazing!” – Tommy Boy Recording artist “Almost Awake

“That quote about well-behaved women rarely making history? That’s Rhonda and Melissa. You’ll want to tone them down, but don’t. Just sit back and watch how they gets it done. The “Down & Dirty” was so satisfying that we signed up for another” –Aster Grimm The Twindows

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