During our daily work we’ve been seeing these neat circles appearing on Twitter. After looking a little closer, we found the word on the images. Next we visit the website to see what it was all about. The field at the top wants you to enter your Twitter Username. To the right is an image of what we saw. Thes message in yellow states there was a 15 minute wait time. Reading the FAQ, you have to keep refreshing the page for it to check again. There is also the option to do it immediately by paying 0.99 US. We choose to refresh and finally it opened up. It returned with an image of Twitter user images with yours in the middle and circles of users in three rings from inner to outer. It allows you to custom the background color before downloading.┬áIt appears to us that Chirpty uses fairly recent data to generate the users involved in the circle. We will try again in a month!

Congrats if you’re here, and thank you!

Here are the Twitter users it picked for the circle image.

Circle 1


Circle 2


Circle 3