Independent Music Promotion for the Worthy

Independent Music Promotion for the Worthy
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Welcome to Indie Music Bus

We are a small team of very passionate music lovers all about independent music promotion. Our concept has been in development since 1998 and constantly evolves with industry changes. Supporting the most worthy in the independent music industry! Have a look around and be sure to say hello on Twitter! We’re Social!

Below is a summary of our services supporting independent music:

  • Directories with Radio Stations and Music Bloggers (Submit Music)
  • Opportunities for Industry People, Brands and Artists
  • Music sharing via Social Media (Approx 95,000 reach)
  • Interviews
  • Newsletters


Indie Music Bus Logo - Independent Music PromotionIndependent Music Promotion

Our main goal, to promote those we feel have the talent, creativity and work ethic to be in the lime light. Following us on Twitter is a great way for us to know about you. Be promoted in our weekly/monthly newsletters or have your music shared. Our promotions run on Mondays and Fridays. When we really enjoy your music and/or you have a great story, maybe you’ll land an interview. Hopefully you are doing well in this tough music industry, we are here to help either way.

Indie Music Monday

Indie Music Monday is our premiere independent music supporting platform. Every Monday we feature the talent found via submissions from our directories and partners. Learn more about the artists we support on the artist profiles and interviews! Enjoy music from Indie Music Monday or visit the official website to submit your story and music.


How To Ride Indie Music Bus

Do you feel you have good music, lyrics and support other artists? Do you try to be social on social media? Here is a post to get you started, Ride Indie Music Bus™

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