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Welcome to Indie Music Bus

We are a small team of very passionate music lovers all about independent music promotion. Our concept has been in development since 1998 and constantly evolves with industry changes. Supporting the most worthy in the independent music industry! Have a look around and be sure to say hello on Twitter! We’re Social! Free Indie Music Promotion for the long term.

For Music Fans

If you are here to discover new music, here are some places on the site to visit!


Submit Your Music

Here is the page to submit your music and story to us here at Indie Music Bus! All the details are there!


Artists Share Your Story, Then Your Music

Here is an offer for totally free and valuable exposure! We love it when a great story precedes a music share on Twitter, and so does everyone else. Give the  reader, and a potential listener, something that makes them want to go listen to your song. Here is a post on Twitter where we invite you to tell your story and share your music. The stories are later added to a Twitter Moment ⚡ “Music Stories from Independent Artists”, for long term exposure, so make it great!


Our Opportunities

Below is a summary of our services promoting independent music:

Featured Article

TOUR HACKS: A Nervous & Prepared Musicians Guide

Ryan Cassata

What to bring on the road to survive Written by Ryan Cassata with help from Mae Krell & April Rose of the Rose Monarch Touring is probably the most freeing thing I’ve ever participated in so far. I live for it and I want to be on the road as much as possible. While touring is fun, there’s also a lot of stress and a lot of thought needs to put into it and what to bring! A lot of unexpected things can happen on tour! You may not be able to find a place to eat for hours. You may get lost someplace where there’s no cell reception. These things have happened to me and I’m glad that I had some necessary items to…

Why Proper Show Etiquette Can Pay Off

Ryan Cassata

Why Be Nice, Show Etiquette I recently played a show where the opening acts were so rude! They acted this way towards the sound man, venue, promoter and to me and the other act…the co-headliners of the show. They were so rude that it was noticeable to my friends and family who had come a long way to see the show. Before the door guy even let any fans inside the venue…the band sent someone to talk to me and asked if they could soundcheck before me, I had already been waiting for my soundcheck for over an hour at this point, the band said “It’ll only take 15 minutes.” I said “sure” and I waited. The band sound checked for over an hour. When they…

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